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Trailers: How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer #2

So, I came across the trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 2- I am going to call it HTTYD2, because the given title is saying WAY to much-and was initially going to pass it up, not thinking it was worth making a big deal about with a post.

I was wrong. And since I am what I -and everybody at HQ (our not-so-secret meeting place)- like to call a stubborn “booty-faced asshole” it takes a lot to change my mind.

Here’s why:

  1. Main character Hiccup hit the Neville Longbottom trend.






Hiccup clearly read the manual… and I didn’t.

2. The animation looks serious.

3. I am a kid on the inside and I love Dreamworks animated films (except Turbo, I could have lived without that one). And with no Pixar film in 2014, HTTYD2 is THE animated film to anticipate next year.

It opens in theaters June 13, 2014, and How to Train Your Dragon 3 is already scheduled for 2016.

Sound off!

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