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Dear Readers: AJ’s Back and Is “Absolutely Not Missing” and Has Something To Say

Hey Everybody!

dr nick

Once again, I am not dead. I’m just back from a small hiatus/vacation somewhat a kin to my own Hobbit Journey- except my journey consisted of a lot of Sims and GTA 5 (and pretty much all other game-play), all lot of cranberry juice (Why? Because it’s the cheapest thing on campus, we have loads of it in my small ass dorm room and I actually like i.), and Papa John’s and Jimmy John’s on deck because it is too cold to traverse the intensely cold and rugged terrain of my university campus.

I am not going to elaborate on exactly “where” I go–because I like my personal privacy right now, even though it is being gradually phased out do to my strange local celebrity that surprised even me–but know that the best way to describe this was if Mordor (LOTR) inexplicably had a child with Hoth (Star Wars).

Insane, but yes.

It’s gotten so miserable that every time I look out the window, I want to say “This is Berk” and find a random dragon so that I don’t have to walk anymore.

Life as a university student is hard…especially around finals.

Around that time  Britney Spears’ “Work B*tch” will be playing non-stop while you attempt to study (I say “attempt” because we all know you are doing anything but) up until the night before and then you stay up all night cramming and when you think you finally remember enough to at least get a C+, you wake up ultra late and Ludacris’s “Move B*tch” is playing in the background as you create an avalanche of other students as you push them out of the way. And you still get there forty minutes late and most likely fail.

Anyways, that was a rant about a day in my life.

Now back to the good part!

If you have never been on this site before after every strange absence, I feel sort of obligated to make it up with a rather entertaining anecdote/post based on my -rather misdirected- adventures through life (maybe one day, I will write a book or better yet a show. A show would be nice) you can read some of them here and here.

I feel especially so now that our Facebook page is up and we get likes, which was actually a shock to me. So like us more and I will find away to get the other Zookeepers to do…stuff.

Also comment please! We won’t know how much we suck until you tell us!

Sound off!

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