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I Approve of ‘Her’

Who knew a love story could be constructed without the clichéd “love at first sight,” “he/she doesn’t even know I exist,” or “I hated you, but now I love you” ideas?

I sure didn’t. Oh wait…

Well, Her not only abandons these concepts but also makes us never want to return to them. Okay, so it made me never want to return to them. I am a very futuristic thinker, so this movie opened my eyes to what love in the future could be.

Not that I’m interested in hooking up with an OS system or anything…

More importantly, this movie also opened my eyes to what love should be – honest, timeless, and passionate.

131218_MOV_Her.jpg.CROP.promo-mediumlargeThe first idea that came to mind when I saw Her with the cheeky Lex Luther and lovely Madame was the highly modernized society in which it was situated. Theodore’s (played by Joaquin Phoenix) tech savvy, coupled with his job as a writer of love letters, provided the perfect blend that technology needs: one that’s not only innovative, but realistic. I honestly don’t think we are far from making the kind of computational inventions that were seen in the movie.

The main area of interest, however, lies in the relationships Theodore has, from his detached wife, Catherine (played by Rooney Mara) whom he has known since childhood to the sexy OS system, Samantha (played by Scarlett Johansson), and no not the coveted one we adore from Sex and the City. I was immediately taken away by the change we see him struggle through. What was truly beautiful to me was his development to love someone without ever seeing her or knowing what it’s like to touch her. We see Samantha face these difficulties, however, such as when she hires a surrogate to seduce Theodore with her body but Samantha’s voice. Nonetheless, the sacrifice they make to seem normal is both beautiful and heartbreaking, especially because there are a couple of hints that tell us that their relationship will never work.


Theodore’s relationship with Amy (played by Amy Adams) is a nice touch. It seems to me that she and Samantha were quite similar in character, except that Amy is human, and is facing similar struggles as Theo with her own relationship. We are reminded that nothing beats face-to-face communication; even if we believe what we are feeling is real. We are also reminded of how much more intimate a relationship is when we are with one person. Samantha’s love for 641 other OSes may have added some insecurity/distrust/tension, don’t you think?

Other features that I thoroughly enjoyed were the instrumentals and the soft light casted on most of the scenery. It was also a really good idea to not have the tech advances interfere with the various plot advances. Oh yeah, and the sex scenes. I must say that Kristen Wiig as the voice of SexyKitten was genius, as were the blackouts for Theo’s and Samantha’s sex scenes, because no matter how we try to envision it, or how Theo tries to envision it, the only sex we can see ourselves having is with another human being. There are such subtle details such as the blackouts that remind us of what we have. Nonetheless, kudos to Theo and Samantha for giving the most unconventional love ever a try. Being a person who has never had any relationships or sexual experiences, it was great to be exposed to a whole new realm of how love is envisioned. I would have liked to see more of a plot advancement when Samantha tells Theo that she must leave him because the OSes have evolved past human capacity, but love is fleeting.

Anyway, to anyone who hasn’t seen Her: SEE IT NOW.

GET TO THE CHOPPA…so you can go see ‘Her’.

From Theo’s conflicted feelings to Samantha’s soothing voice, I never would have dreamed of watching a love story that was not based on physical attraction or ideality. Instead, it raises many questions, such as “What are we really looking for in love?” “Is it attainable?” “Does how I feel about myself affect my ability to love?” “If someone is seemingly perfect, does that make me more attracted to him/her/?” “Who will love me simply because I’m flawed?”

And now, let’s just pause before I continue my perpetual sap.


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