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The Secret Life of AJ Parker: A Day In My Life

As I sat in class today, thinking about what I would write about I figured that I would do something simple and easy (plus it was something I was putting off for quite some time). As everyone knows I try to treat each day with just as much grandeur as the last (like Mary Poppins taught me) but sometimes I feel it can get a little…monotonous. Not entirely sure if this is just the life of a student or if it’s just mine.

Here goes, a day in my life, The Secret Life of AJ Parker.

9:30-Wake up Fotor013120038 Usually, this means wake up (only halfway, the result being my appearance is compatible to that of the girl from the ring) and talk to my roommate and then go back to sleep. Today however, I decided to be productive and by productive I mean lay in my bed for twenty minutes debating whether or not I really wanted to wake up. When I finally came to my conclusion I went on to check the site stats from my phone seeing that for whatever reason a post I did months ago about a particular person and wonder, “Why is the world so obsessed with Tom Hiddleston?”

10:00-Get ready Fotor013120135

This consists of my essentially being a Warm Bodies zombie extra as I shuffle down the hallway, making sure to not make eye contact with anyone. At least not while I look bad. Then I throw all of my clothes out of my closet and onto my floor trying to find something cute and suitable to wear. After ten minutes and almost tears  I realize, it’s cold as sh*t outside no one is going to see anything. Throw on multiple layers of clothes (with no particular rhyme or reason, that are usually four different colors that have nothing to do with each other) and then off to school.

10:45-2:10 Actual class

I am one of those lucky people that have all of their classes back-to-back Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I can proceed to do work (okay, nothing) the rest of the day. I’m also lucky in that they are all lecture courses, meaning I can take my laptop and do funner, cooler things while I am supposed to be learning (that’s what tutors and study groups are for). 9 times out of 10 the posts that I wrote for you are done in these classes. Besides writing, I will some times ponder the important questions of the universe: “Why does the rock slide that is Batman vs. Superman get worse with every passing day?” “Why are actors continuing to sign onto a project they must know can’t succeed?” “Did Marvel secretly plant moles inside the Warner Bros. ranks to secretly sabotage DC from within?” “How does M. Night Shyamalan manages to keep finding jobs?” “Am I obsessed with Tom Hiddleston?” “What about Buzzfeed?”.

2:25 Lunch

After dropping off the crap ton/added person that is my backpack in my room and de-hoboing myself (makes self look presentable because I now have no excuse, its not like I have class to go to or something), I go get food. No matter how good my intentions are of being healthy and starting a better, less cholesterol filled and overall less fat me, instead of getting the salad you get the combo I had no business getting. And then when I resign myself to a corner so that I can unhinge my jaw and shovel all of that delicious food into my mouth, that cute guy from class comes around the corner and waves at me, severely ending all dreams of no one having to see me this way.

Hey, at least I look good.

3:00 Homework

This is what I am doing instead of actual work. I know, I’m sad. Homework to me (especially when there is math involved, which I hate) means hiding out in my little Hobbit hidey hole until its finished, if not it will never get done. It can take anywhere from thirty minutes-the usual- or four hours (once again, when math is involved). It always happens the same way. Go to the room with all of the conviction the world has to offer, you are even telling your friends you’re going to do homework so they won’t “bother” you. Then the moment your ass hits desk-chair all thoughts of actually doing your homework goes out the window and you are actually begging for someone to bother you. And when that doesn’t you go to what will always be there…Facebook, E-news, and Buzzfeed. Then the sun goes down. Dammit Buzzfeed!

I try every time

After sunset (honestly have no idea what time it is now) -Shower As mentioned before in my previous post about college life (if you haven’t read it, read it here), I live in a traditional dormitory therefore I am required to share everything. Even shower time. I already feel gross, I have to wear “shower shoes” (aka the $2 flip flops at Wal-mart that you bought last minute because you forgot about them) and have to spend my rare “think about my life” time with a bunch of females doing the same things. As weird as this already is you are most likely going to get the girl that either thinks she “is Beyonce’ reborn into the miserable life of a college student” or that girl who looks like Taylor Swift but attempts a Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey song they have no business attempting. Of course both are fails, and you heard both of them and they both ruined the only time you were going to get semi-to yourself.

So help me I will shut this down

Dinner Time

Order pizza and turn  on John Mayer (strangely, but it works), ’nuff said.

What roommate says when pizza smells reach a maximum and she bursts into the room

Miscellaneous time

For whatever reason I happen to be part of a lot of crap on campus -it’s actually sort of my schools slogan so its bound to happen- without actually being a “part” of the groups, meaning I was dragged to events until people started associating me with the group. Now my life is ruled by strange acronyms that i say without really knowing what they stand for. I recently came to find out that my roommate dragged me there to make actual “human” friends and prove that I am not the most socially challenged person on earth, I was just shy.

Eh, it beats the time I send everyday playing therapist to people who feel obligated to tell me about their lives (my major must fit me).

Bed Time

Then an “ironic” twist my day ends as it started, pondering life in my bed (I know it sounds like I “ponder” a lot but I get sidetracked by other crap). In the dark recesses of the night (the booty of the night, as I like to call it) I will deem it fit to send anyone anything that I think is funny or just worth seeing. For example, I just “happened” to stumble across something about Tom Hiddleston on Buzzfeed and decided I had to share it. And who did I send it to? Lex, of course. She only reinforced my thought. And before I passed out I came to the realization I may be obsessed with Buzzfeed and Tom Hiddleston. My life.

Sound off!

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