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Check Out This Music: HAIM and DWNTWN

Hey, all!

It’s been a minute.

My main job here at Sublime Zoo is to provide in-depth opinions and descriptions of musicians I think are worth listening to. I like ALL kinds of music, and I mean all kinds; so you will be getting many kinds of suggestions from me.

So, without further adieu, let’s dive into HAIM and DWNTWN:


The band Haim photographed for the Guide.HAIM is an American group of three sisters who write and perform the most amazing rock music. They produce a mixture of late eighties to nineties soulful, R&B songs with the assistance of epic drums and mild techno beats. They are most frequently compared to the beloved 70s group, Fleetwood Mac, and I can see why. They write about many of the same topics as older groups, from love to adulthood, and their voices blend perfectly to provide the best work/driving/dance music. It’s just the perfect music for any moment.

Their newest album, Days Are Gone, was released this past September, and has gotten great recognition, but this group deserves so much more! I swear, I have listened to EVERY song on this album, and it took me forever to finally decide which songs was my favorite. I have three favorites:

1. “Go Slow”

2. “If I Could Change Your Mind”

3. “Days Are Gone”

Please listen to these outstanding women! It’s honestly rare to find such an original group with pure sounds and voices. And the messages in their music are very heartfelt, true reflections of the human intellect. Listen to every song. You will not regret it.



I also really enjoy club music, but I wasn’t into Indie pop music… until I heard DWNTWN in a store (oh yeah, many of my suggestions will be taken from musical revelations I’ve had in stores, elevators, and during movies. My family has gotten used to seeing me stop abruptly in a store or stay in an elevator just to hear a good song. And I will Google every song from a movie just to find the background music that played for ten seconds).

Anyway, oh yes DWNTWN. They are a boy/girl group that produces mainly Electronic Indie music. While there are not many lyrics, the choruses are extremely meaningful and the beats will make you move like nobody’s business. They have so far released several EPs, but I will be a happy person when they come out with a full album. They’re talented. Soooo talented.

Their newest EP, The Red Room consists of four songs that will blow your mind. It was released in November, but needs to be heard so they can be encouraged to produce a full album. I’m so excited to see what more songs will do to me. My favorite song from The Red Room is “See My Eyes.”

Another EP that DWNTWN produced is called Cowboys (“Believe Me” is awesome) and their single, “Dark Transition,” is great.

Also, look out for groups like these on TV shows. For me, personally, all it took was a couple of seconds to realize that this group is special.

I hope my suggestions have brightened your week! This is the kind of music that I listen to when I’m working. My later suggestions will be based on whatever feels right at the moment, but seeing as we are already halfway through the week, I figured you guys could use some comfort/impromptu dance parties.


Sources: Wikipedia

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