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Ask AJ: My Secret Identity…Is a Secret

So, this question is a question I get  A LOT–from emails and from actual people who know me–and I have finally got around to trying to explain myself.

Obviously, it’s no big secret that the name I blog and write under is not my legitimate government name.

I wanted to leave it open because I am a college student for the moment and I would actually like a shot at a normal job to supplement my dreamer lifestyle (caviar dreams and Champagne wishes on a Budweiser budget) without strange weirdo blog rants looming over my head. I didn’t want my blog or articles to become that one Facebook friend that you have known since forever that slowly becomes…well, for lack of a better word, ratchet. That one friend then usually proceeds to post questionable statuses and pictures and honestly, I am way beyond that now and don’t want to be misrepresented based on someone else’s posts.

That’s one side of my argument.

Second, I like being able to compartmentalize some facets of my life. There’s me: the blogger, the writer, the idea person, the college student and the list could go on. Initially, I didn’t want to put my face out there and expect people not to notice or things to remain the same as they are (*cough* Superman and Iron Man *cough*). By nature, I am shy and I don’t handle the spotlight well;  s,o making another alias was the best option.

For now, anyways.

I feel that I can express myself wholly without feeling like I am being placed under a microscope and being judged for what I should be. The whole point of this blog was  to have a place to vent and for you guys to know me a bit better.

So…baby steps.

Since, I am in a sharing mood, I will tell you a bit about myself. Imagine a really cool “Draw my life” scenario in your mind.

I was born in the nineties on the northeast coast. There was my parents and my younger brother and I. My parents moved across the country to give us a better life at the cost of leaving everyone and everything they knew behind. My parents worked a lot; my mom was a nurse and my dad was a FedEx carrier (and still is after 24 years hence our “I am a delivery man” mantra).  For a long time it was just my brother and me, but it was okay, we became each others’ best friend and biggest supporters. I went to Catholic school where I didn’t have many friends, making my friendship with my brother even stronger. Besides him, I had my books and fed my now overactive imagination. We moved a lot, renting houses and never really owning anything. The house I remember most is this big blue, three-story house that eventually became one big boarding house where all of my family members (after moving) lived. Every time the show Bear and the Big Blue House came on television, I felt like it was meant for me and made my world a lot less lonely. And for a while I was happy.


Until one-by-one all of my uncles, aunts and cousins moved away and it was just me and my brother again. It was like that for a while. Then my diva of a sister was born and we moved to Tennessee to be closer to family. For the first time, we lived in a place where I could paint the walls of my room and just be. Then shortly after my other brother was born, I began sixth grade. At this time, I never felt more different (accent and all). Most of my time in school blends together and my memory is notoriously bad, but my one gift is that I never forget a person and the first time I met them.

And in sixth grade, I met Lex.

And that is a story for another time, since the only thing better than a ‘Happy Ending’ is a ‘To Be Continued’.


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