26 New (and Old) Summer Hits

Courtesy of me, Smallz!

Hey, all! It’s soooo good to be back! I sincerely apologize for the long absence. Life as a college student definitely has its challenges, both good and bad, as my fellow writers AJ and Lex have so aptly described.

Back and better than ever, folks.

One of these days, I’ll tell you a little bit more about my lifestyle, which is TOTALLY AWESOME but gets VERY BUSY, very quickly. There’s only so much Smallz can handle, and as my friends already know, I freak out about everything. But what better way to combat my worries than to listen to music?

Music is my great escape. I couldn’t live without it.

I often play music for everyone who lives in my dorm, and chances are, I make new friends because of it. It’s very likely that I’ll play something they like, because I listen to almost everything. Once, I took the shuttle back from the university quad, and the bus driver was stunned to hear me sing “In the Mood” by The Whispers, which is a pretty old song for a 19 year-old to know (and it’s not for small children, btw). In my dorm’s lounge, I’ll play everything from ABBA to Ziggy Marley. What are most dependent on what I’ll play are my mood and the occasion.

I’ve also been browsing the Internet for some new summer hits that specifically aren’t being played on the radio. Because as much as I love “Fancy” (which I already know, I am) and “Me and My Broken Heart” (my heart’s feeling pretty good these days, thanks), there’s way too much music out there to be playing the SAME THING FOR WEEKS ON END. I know it’s called a Top 40 chart for a reason, but it would be beneficial for both the artist and the listener if different tracks were played from a specific album. I often get the idea that maybe the album isn’t good if only one song is being played from it, but that’s not the case.

…And that’s none of my business.

So, without further ado, here are some artists and their songs, both new and old, that you can enjoy whether you’re driving to work, having impromptu dance parties (as I do almost every day), feeling lovesick or heartbroken (it’s gonna be OK, as one of my good friends always says), or rebelling against what’s been playing on the radio for FOREVER (as you should).

1. Lana del Rey‘s Ultraviolence

Soooo, if Lana’s new album is at the top of the charts, WHY AM I NOT HEARING ANYTHING ON THE RADIO? *Smallz has lost all chill* Her album is simply genius… very hauntingly beautiful.

– “Ultraviolence”

– “Money Power Glory”

– “Shades of Cool”

– “The Other Woman” (God, this one made me cry. I never cry.)

2. Ed Sheeran’s X

His new album is outstanding, but I love this song in particular. This goes out to anyone who has ever been played or mistreated. It’s a perfect way to tell heartbreakers everywhere not to mess with your heart. Oh yeah, this song is supposedly about Ellie Goulding… (ooohhh, and I love her music, too.) Everything else is great as well, but I didn’t want to list all of the tracks.

– Don’t

3. Owl City’s Ultraviolet

Dude, this new EP that was released less than a month ago BLEW ME AWAY. I’ve always been a fan of Owl City, but I was speechless. There are songs for everyone here. My personal favs are the first two.

– “Beautiful Times,” featuring Lindsey Stirling (very optimistic and the lyrics are well written)

– “Up All Night” (takes the complications of love to the next level)

– “This Isn’t the End” (another tear-jerker)

– “Wolf Bite” (has a good EDM-type sound)

4. Mariah Carey‘s Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse

I have no idea why her album did so poorly. While I agree that she does not sound the same in relation to her older albums, who does after making at least ten?! Also, although it’s true that her lead single, “#Beautiful,” featuring Miguel, was released a year before her album was, there are at least four other songs that deserve some credit, and that’s way more than I’m used to these days.

– “Thirsty”

– “Faded”

– “Dedicated,” featuring Nas (YES, NAS. ‘Nuff said.)

– “You’re Mine (Eternal)” (Also check out the remix featuring Trey Songz. I liked it because it was slightly more dance appropriate, given that it sounded like it was about one beat per minute faster.)

5. Chris Brown

I found this one to be pretty catchy. Good club hit.

– “Loyal,” featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga

6. Beyoncé

I’m actually not a fan of Beyoncé, but I really liked this song from her latest, self-titled album.

– “Mine,” featuring Drake

7. Kat Krazy and elkka

A wonderful EDM hit, and the remix featuring Armin van Buuren is great (well, duh).

– “Siren”


He’s best known for his hit “Last One You Love,” from 2012. These sound similar, but they’re great nonetheless. Listen to his latest album Back to Life for more!

– “FeelGood”

– “Everything We Used to Do”

– “Don’t Wanna Wake Up”

Now, for some older stuff (from the 1970s – 2009)

9. The Eagles

This old hit is HOT. The lyrics are very well-written and are accompanied by some sultry, summery sounds. It’s one of my dad’s favorites.

– “One of These Nights”

10. Sade (listen to everything from Sade, but just to name a few…)

– “Smooth Operator” (my ringtone)

– “Never As Good As the First Time”

– “Cherry Pie” (I’ve had this one on replay for a while…)

– “Is It a Crime”

It’s so hard to name just a few… Sade is one of my favorite female artists.

11. Aaliyah (R.I.P. What an angelic voice…)

Her songs of empowerment were full of soul and always inspired me. Gone too soon.

– “At Your Best (You Are Love)”

– “Back and Forth” featuring R. Kelly (This song turns 20 this year! Wow, I feel old.)

– “Are You That Somebody?” featuring Timbaland

– “More Than a Woman”

12. Washed Out

I always get this great, nostalgic when I hear this one. Like I’m at the beach. Or on a walk downtown… You’ll get the feeling when you listen to it.

– “Feel It All Around”’


Well, this is what I’ve had on my Spotify/ITunes playlists this summer. What’s on yours? I’d love to hear more about it. Hope I’ve helped you out a bit with these lesser played, yet genius songs!


Stay smart, stay safe, stay classy, my friends.


Happy summer,



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