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‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Rose Leslie to Star Opposite Vin Diesel in ‘The Last Witch Hunter’

Before I begin, every time I hear news of Vin Diesel doing something awesome (obviously, it is automatically going to be awesome), I am inclined to do this:

Oh yisssssss. It’s Vin Diesel, b*tches!!!!

Bringing it back to the story at hand, Rose Leslie, who is famous for playing Ygritte on Game of Thrones, recently signed on to play a witch in The Last Witch Hunter. And her involvement isn’t that simple either. According to the plot (courtesy of THR and Screen Rant), the film features Vin Diesel as a kinda-sorta immortal witch hunter who is attempting to track down and, quite frankly, rub out a nefarious witch queen with some seriously diabolical plans.

That being said, Diesel’s witch hunter doesn’t even realize that he is in way over his head and when he finally comes to terms with that, he enlists the help of Leslie’s witch…who will eventually become his love interest.


I’m going to be that asshole.

Sounds eerily similar to some star-crossed lovers thing? Check.

Sounds also eerily similar to some forbidden romance side-plot? Check.

Am I already slightly side-eyeing this entire plot/film, despite the involvement of certified badasses Vin Diesel and Rose Leslie? You bet your ass I am.

My reaction.

Moving on, it’s great to see Leslie branching out into other projects. I am looking forward to seeing her more and more as time goes on.


Source: THR, Screen Rant

Images From:,,,,, Entertainment Weekly



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