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Marvel’s Comic-Con Takeover: Marvel Announces Another Release Date; Antman Concept Art Released

Even though Comic-Con has not officially commenced yet (All of the craziness starts tomorrow), Marvel has taken a couple of steps to insure that it makes the BIGGEST of splashes at Comic-Con this year. One of those steps include adding another date to its already massive list of upcoming movies.

That’s right.

Marvel claimed YET another date for its cinematic universe: May 4, 2018.

What’s interesting about this new date is the fact that earlier in the day, sources like Screen Rant reported that Sony set The Amazing Spider-Man 3’s new release date on May 4, 2018. This means that whatever untitled film Marvel has slated for that day will be going head-to-head with the newest Spider-Man film.

Can you say “Escandalo”?

There will be blood!

Here’s the updated list of dates:

‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron‘ — May 1

‘Ant-Man‘ — July 17


‘Captain America 3′ — May 6

Untitled — July 8


Untitled — May 5

Untitled — July 27

Untitled — November 3


Untitled — May 4

Untitled — July 6

Untitled — November 2


Untitled — May 3

That being said, I am wondering whether or not all of Marvel’s recently announced dates are part of Phase 3, or whether some of these films will spill into Phase 4. Either way, you have to appreciate the company’s long-term planning.

Release date drama aside, despite all of the chaos that has threatened to swallow up Antman (I still miss you, Edgar Wright), Marvel has continued to press on, which resulted in them picking up a new director—Peyton Reed—and a new writer—Adam McKay. And now, Marvel has also decided to roll out some new concept art for its upcoming film Antman…just in time for Comic-Con.


I think not.


Once again, Entertainment Weekly (they have been on their sh*t this week) did the honors. The new piece of concept art features actors Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, along with what I assume in Rudd in costume.

You can check out the concept art below:


Antman will still be hitting theaters (I have no idea how and I would hate to be on that production) on July 17, 2015.


How excited are you for Comic-Con? Let me know in the comments below!


Source: Screen Crush

Images From: Uproxx,, Entertainment Weekly,,


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