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Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s House Is Up For Sale

Isn’t that unfortunate?

Please standby as I do this:

Brb, dying forever.

In other news (that doesn’t surprise anyone whatsoever), Spin recently reported that Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s home—a Bel Air mansion—has gone up for sale.

Which, you know, is not surprising seeing as the two starlets (is Robin Thicke still considered a starlet?) have been separated for the last five months.

Whose business is this again? That’s right…not mine.

I’m not going to lie, this is probably going to throw all sorts of kinks in Robin Thicke’s very public “Get Her Back” campaign—which, by the way, is exceedingly creepy and off-putting, but I digress. Add that to the fact that his new album, Paula, only sold 24,000 albums its first week in the US and sold a laughable 530 albums in the UK (Those Brits are a tough crowd, aren’t they?) and I’d say that Thicke needs to quit while he still can.

But obviously, he has no plans to; so whatever.

Moving on, the former couple’s home is quite exquisite…if you can afford it that is.

I know I can’t.

My life though.

Anyway, the mansion is around 3,158 square feet, is composed of two stories, and includes sweet luxuries like a spa, a pool, and etc. Plus you get a pretty sweet view of LA, seeing as the place is so nicely parked above the Sunset Strip.

You can check out pictures of the house below:

The current asking price is $2,985,000.

Would you by the house if you had the cash? What do you think about this new development in the weird saga (honestly, this sounds like some Dragon Ball Z sh*t) that is Robin Thicke? Let me know in the comments below.


Source: Spin

Images From: Spin, TMZ, Gifsoup.com, MTV, Rebloggy.com, Radaronline.com  


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