Once Upon A Time Reveals First Look at Elsa and Season Four Plot Details

Regardless of the fact that the Once Upon a Time has covered/made used of plenty of fairy tale characters thus far, many a fan was not surprised when it was revealed that the Frozen crew would be joining the show soon.

Seriously, no one is surprised. Frankly, I am bored with this, but I digress.

Moving on, with the aforementioned film’s main characters set and ready to go, (Georgina Haig will be playing Elsa, Elizabeth Lail will be playing Anna, and Scott Michael Foster will be playing Kristoff), a lot of people have been wondering whether Hans will join the show and what the Frozen characters will be up to in the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time.

Screen Crush has reported that Hans will be making an appearance, but has yet to be cast. In addition to that, here’s what the powers that be behind the show had to say about the Frozen storyline (it’s not much, but it’s something:

“Haig’s rendition of Elsa will have already been through the events of the ever-popular Disney film, having lost control her ice powers and put an accidental freeze on Arendelle, only to learn that the key to controlling her abilities is love. The character appeared in the ‘Once Upon A Time’ season 3 finale, emerging from a pool of water, T-1000 style, though there, Elsa had understandably been cast with a stand-in” (Screen Crush).

In that same vein, Time recently debuted the first real photo of Haig as Elsa. Foster is also in the photo.

You can check out the photo below:


Once Upon A Time will return September 28, 2014 at 8/7 central.


Source: Screen Crush

Image From: Time,, Vanity Fair


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