Music News Wrap Up: Rihanna Stalker, Biz Markie Raps at Comic-Con, and More

Music News Wrap up, Yeah!


First up…

Rihanna gets crazy threatening notes from a stalker.

Kevin Mcglynn, a 53 year old homeless man, has reportedly been arrested for stalking and harassing the singer by hand-delivering several letters to her Manhattan apartment.

Citing a criminal complaint the New York Daily News reported the stalker was allegedly caught on video surveillance delivering the letters on three separate occasions in July to Rihanna’s SoHo residence. In the delivered notes, Mcglynn “repeatedly called her a b–ch” and threatened to “bum (rush) in her apartment”.

However, this isn’t the first time Mcglynn, who has a long rap sheet, has served as a problem for the pop star. He allegedly sent at least four letters to Rihanna in California, according to authorities.

The final kicker is that the police tracked down the stalker after he dropped his benefits card, which included his name and address — pretty much his entire identity — during his third visit to Rihanna’s New York duplex on July 11. He was arrested the following day (obviously).

Mcglynn claimed in court that Rihanna, Jay Z and Kanye West ripped off his “material,” the New York Daily News says. Though I am not sure if anybody actually knows what that means.

He is currently being held without bail.

Addressing the Beastie Boys mural on ‘Paul’s Boutique’ corner in New York City…

For those of you who may not know the significance of ‘Paul’s Boutique’, it was famously displayed on the album cover on the Beastie Boys classic sophomore album and it’s namesake.


Brooklyn artist Danielle Mastrion began painting the mural on the outside of sandwich shop Wolfnights, located at the corner of Rivington and Ludlow. The street corner, formerly the home of Lee’s Sportswear. The mural was spearheaded by LeRoy McCarthy, a long time fan who unsuccessfully petitioned the local community board to name the Lower East Side intersection “Beastie Boys Square” last December.

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In progress right now Ludlow & Rivington!

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The ‘Book of Life’ shows up at Comic-Con.

Fans at The Book of Life, 3-D computer-animated film produced by Guillermo del Toro panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday (July 25) were treated to Biz Markie performing his signature hit, “Just a Friend,” which appears in the film. Things got even more interesting when Book voice star Channing Tatum and co-stars Christina Applegate and Ron Perlman joined in on the sing-along.

Check out the trailer.


Source: Billboard


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