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Check Out These Photos: ‘The Avengers 2’ Cast Has Fun at Comic-Con

Putting all the drama that is surrounding Antman to the side, Marvel recently appeared to show off their panel and didn’t disappoint.

Even before debuting their panel in Hall H, the enormous cast of The Avengers: Age of Ultron made their way to the show floor and held an all-encompassing and super exciting autograph session (I am envious of everyone who got to get something signed by these phenomenal people).

After the autograph session, the cast then took their place on stage to start hyping up their upcoming movie. The following (and humorous) events that ensued included a dancing Robert Downey Jr. (I was down with the song choice. “Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough”? Yes, please), Downey Jr. passing out roses, and Josh Brolin walking onto stage with a huge Infinity Gauntlet.

Oh, and he also ate a rose that Downey Jr. offered him. He ate that sh*t. Nearly swallowed it whole, in fact.

Um. Did that just happen?

Other than that, the panel was pretty chill and you could tell that everyone was having a pretty good time, which is all anyone can ask for really.

You can check out photos of the awesome event—as well as a video of the cast’s amusing entrance—below (Photos are courtesy of Screen Rant):

Source: Screen Rant, Screen Crush

Images From: Screen Rant, Screen Crush,


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