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[EXCLUSIVE] The Rebirth of Cool: Four Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming Film ‘Blue Suede’

If you have not heard about the film Blue Suede, you are already behind the curve! Blue Suede is an independent action film that promises to deliver an action experience like never before. You know…real and raw action, which has certainly been lacking in action cinema as of late. Don’t expect a bunch of flimsy, dancing fight choreography or a bunch of action scenes with so many transitional cuts you can’t even see what’s going on. Blue Suede is aiming to be on another level and usher in a resurgence of action films likened to Thailand style of filming. If you’ve seen any of The Raid films, you know what I am referring to.

Okay, that’s enough! Let’s get straight to the point…..

Four things you need to know about the film Blue Suede:

1. The Plot

Let me be clear, this is an action film, but one with substance.  The plot revolves around several high profile gang factions on the brink of war in Boston’s Chinatown. Of course, these gangsters aren’t going to be allowed to run amok without some fight back. The FBI gets involve and tries to stop the war before the streets run blood red. Blood and bullets aren’t for everyone. Everyone will be fighting an internal battle. Integrity and loyalty will be tested, on both sides. In Blue Suede, only the strong survive.  Now you may be saying to yourself, “WOW, that’s it?!” Yes, that’s it. This film isn’t going to spoon feed folks. Audiences are given too much as it is. This film is trying to bring something new to the table, while invoking the good ole days of action. You know when action films had great stories, dialogue and made sense???

Wait, until the film releases in Summer 2015.

Trust, you will not be disappointed.

2. The Director


JR Hepburn is an up and coming director from Boston, Mass. He has worked his ass off to make Blue Suede a reality. Inspired by the Hughes brothers, and the golden age of Hong Kong action (1980-1994), JR strives to deliver a refreshing look at the way we see American action cinema. His theory is that CGI and cheesy martial arts choreography have truly taken away from not just action films, but cinema over all. I have to admit the man has a point. JR Hepburn is real, raw, and holds nothing back. I expect big things from him, not just concerning Blue Suede, but in the industry in general.

3. Cast

Blue Suede has an amazing cast of actors:

  • Robert Miano
  • Cynthia Rothrock
  • John Fiore
  • Chuck Zito
  • Jasmin St. Claire
  • Ozzie Aziz

And much more great talent! To be able to elicit this type of talent has to stand for something. When Cynthia Rothrock  came out of acting retirement, she decided that Blue Suede is one of the few projects she wanted to be a part of. That is just how good the story for Blue Suede is. Notice, it is not just the caliber of the talent involved in this project. There is an abundance of STRONG female roles in Blue Suede. That is RARE feat for any type of action movie to pull off.

4. The Location


BOSTON is the location for Blue Suede. This isn’t the usual place you would expect for a story like this, but it does more than foot the bill. Boston has the gritty, urban backdrop a film like this warrants. JR Hepburn wanted to film in his hometown to show the Boston mean streets have what it takes to handle a turf war. Boston has a great deal of untapped resources, talent, and locations, just ripe for the pickings. JR does right to take advantage of that.

The tag line is end of an era, but this is just this is just the beginning for Blue Suede. Check in at  SUBLIME ZOO for interviews and updates about the film. Blue Suede will be release summer of 2015. Be on the lookout, and watch your back….WAR IS COMING!

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