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Celebrities and Fashion Take Over Comic-Con 2014

Is it just me or has it gotten overly apparent that celebrities frequent the Con more than normal (yes, I gave away a months worth of pay to be here).

Sure, you have those that actually embrace their inner nerd and dress in costume -like Daniel Radcliffe and Peter Jackson- and take it all in like everybody else. But since this is the “Fashion” column (and I slick have not had the time to post anything over here in a while), let’s focus on the people who unfortunately had stuff to promote since anything goes at Comic-Con now.

Actually, I really don’t understand why a good 40% of the things that debut/happen at Comic-Con are actually at Comic-Con, but I digress.

Here are some the top Comic-Con Fashions (some are thrown in just because…)

Image(s): Getty Images, abc11.com, eonline.com, Hollywoodreporter.com


3 thoughts on “Celebrities and Fashion Take Over Comic-Con 2014

      • Agreed. When movies that don’t even having comics or Graphic Novels (I.e. Let’s Be Cops), start showing up to “promote” stuff, that’s when I start asking questions.


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