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‘Fight Club 2’ Will Be a Comic Book Series

Back in the 90’s, Fight Club debuted in theaters and subsequently (and sadly. Like seriously, the movie was so underrated when it first came out) under-performed. However, over the years, the film (and novel) has gained an enthusiastic and faithful cult following. In fact, the film’s following has been so faithful that Fight Club has basically secured a very tight place in pop culture, new and old.

SH*T. I already broke the first rule. Welp. *shrugs*

That being said, it has been rumored for a long time that the film would possibly be getting a sequel…but not the type of sequel one would thing.

What do I mean by that?

Well, fans of Fight Club, original writer Chuck Palahniuk is giving the renowned film/book the comic book treatment.

Seriously. I was surprised to hear this myself.

Palahniuk is planning to debut the sequel as a comic book series, comprised of 10 issues. The series is already set to be published by the company Dark Horse Comics and drawn by artist Cameron Stewart. Palahniuk actually goes into detail about this upcoming project in the video below, but just in case you are too lazy to watch it (as that happens because this is the internet and let’s be real, we all are), Screen Crush took the liberty of laying out point-by-point highlights from the video.



 ‘Fight Club 2′ is set 10 years after the events of the original book. The Narrator is suppressing his Tyler Durden personality with the help of drugs, but he’s failing as a father and a husband. Eventually. Tyler starts to resurface…

Palahniuk chose to make his sequel as a comic because he didn’t want anyone to directly compare it to the original novel or the film. This way, it can stand on its own.

Palahniuk chose to work with Dark Horse because they’re headquartered close to his home and he knew he’d need help learning how to make a great comic. He selected Stewart to be his artist because he enjoyed his “punk aesthetic” and knew he could depict awful things without alienating readers.

Although he won’t describe his sequel as supernatural, Palahniuk suggests that Tyler Durden may be a malevolent force that’s existed for millennia, destroying every family that he/it comes in contact with.

Personally, the fact that Palahniuk took this route is exceedingly exciting and frankly awesome. Under this route, he gets to keep his original fan-base AND add to it by appealing to potential fans who are very much into comics (like myself). I also think it’s a good thing as it gives Palahniuk the opportunity to play with different visuals and other things, which is something he would not be able to if this project were taking form as another book.

What’s more interesting is the possibility of Palahniuk exploring Tyler Durden’s “origins”, so to speak. I am always up for reading/learning more about the f*cked up person that is Tyler Durden.

So, bring it on Palahniuk.

I am Jack’s crazed excitement (meaning I am beyond ready for this series).

Fight Club 2’s first issue is scheduled to be coming to a store near you in May 2015.



What do guys think? Are you ready for a sequel to Fight Club? Let me know in the comments below!



Source: Screen Crush, Comic Alliance

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