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Glorious ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage Leaks Online

I think we can all agree that one of the best parts of Comic-Con (or in my case, not going to Comic-Con) is waiting around for awesome footage to surface leak.

And on that note, we bring you such awesome footage…about Deadpool.

So serious right now!

But before that happens, it be wise to give some background. For years, Ryan Reynolds and the whole creative time behind the forever-in- production-limbo Deadpool film (including Director Tim Miller) have been pushing for this film to be made. In fact, the push for this movie is so real that a couple of months ago, Miller was quoted as saying that “Ryan is ready, I am ready, the fans are more than ready, we just need that green light” (Screen Crush).

However, seeing as Fox has been f*cking around for the last couple of months (read: years), a lot of people have given up on believing that this movie will ever become an actual thing.

Until now, that is.

No one knows when the test footage was officially put together, but apparently, Reynolds and Miller teamed up to create some remarkable test footage in order to show Fox that the Deadpool could in fact be made into a successful film.

Granted, the quality of the test footage below isn’t the best, but hell it is something.

Enjoy (for as long as you can, as Fox will probably be snatching it right back up very soon):



My reaction:

Remember: There’s a fangirl in all of us. Even Mark Ruffalo.




Moving on, I have honestly been sold on the idea of a Deadpool movie for a long time. The venerable “merc with a mouth” is just too awesome (read: lol-sy and ridiculous) a character NOT to appear in his own film.

And the fact that his test footage alone begins with a song like like “Hollaback Girl” (I love me some Gwen Stefani) and concludes itself with a guy’s head being sliced off by a katana is all the more reason to be excited for what a Deadpool movie could be.

Make it happen, Fox.

Scratch on, folks. Scratch on.


Source: Screen Crush

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