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Music News Wrap Up: Beyoncé and Jay Z Divorce Rumors, Hilary Duff, and More

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Are  Beyoncé and Jay Z Getting a Divorce?

Geez, all of the split rumors.

This couple is beyond covert. So covert, I would not be angry if they came out and said that they were the Men In Black.

To me these rumors are kind of pointless because every time we think we know something, The Carter Family shows up, kicks it in the face, and then follows that up with damage control out of the ass. No one can tell me different. Everything they do is pretty much damage control. Think about it. If that incident with Solange–which they are still churning out rumors for, but the main whisper is the outburst was over some inappropriate flirting on Jay Z’s part–never happened, we still wouldn’t know anything about them, much less get a grainy home video debuting at their joint concert.

The New York Post recently reported that Beyoncé had been secretly shopping for an apartment without Jay Z, claiming that she checked out a $21.5 million Chelsea penthouse.

Of course this sparked all kinds of rumors, as well as a semi-snappy yet classy response from the singer

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My favorite hue is JayZ Blue🐝

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I guess we won’t ever know anything until after it happens…and I’m okay with that.

Hilary Duff and Her New Music Video…Wha?

I’m not afraid to admit that when the video was initially released, I kept scrolling right along. Today, however, I managed to hear, in a passing text mind you, that Hilary has an upcoming album in the works.

My face

As far as I was concerned Hilary Duff fell off of the face of the Earth after she got married. So, now that she’s trying to “resurrect her singing career” (not really sure if she was entirely bad and Metamorphosis was just a majorly good album or it was all bad and I was just an impressionable pre-teen), she definitely has earned some side-eye, at least where I’m concerned. After watching the video, it confirmed my worst fears that:

  1. I had a reason to had hide my secret “Hilary Duff Fangirl” life in the 2000’s.
  2. Hilary did in fact go down hill after the Metamorphosis album (my tween anthem on a CD).
  3. Lizzie McGuire died a long time ago.

It was so strange to watch because I realized that, “holy crap, Hilary and Lizzie may be the same person”, because the whole video had that Lizzie McGuire style. And then that was okay…until you realize that she is an adult and should no longer be trying to still be the character, even though I personally liked the nod. Then, you take into account the fact that it’s a music video and hear the singing.

Oh my, it was bad. It was…so bad.

Twista New Music Video That’s Taking On Tough Subjects

The video, “Get Away”, was featured on Billboard and Twista said, “This video is supposed to have a lot of meaning and to help soothe one’s pain after experiencing any sort of tragedy in their life. Don’t let an incident take over.”


Source: Billboard

Image(s): picgifs.com, directlyrics.com, pitt.edu

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