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Down At The Box Office: Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Dominating Its Opening Weekend

As always I’m coming at you guys with the weekend box office rankings that has come to be known as Down At The Box Office (DATBO) at HQ. Just going to put it out there for those who may not know and are quite possibly new to the awesomeness that is..the Zoo. Enjoy.

Let me just say… Guardians…

I was one of the many people that flocked to the Thursday night showing to watch and embarking on a Lex & AJ adventure. And guys I was kind of shocked that the theater was beyond packed seeing as Guardians are one of the lesser known franchises in the Marvel comic book line-up and it also lacked all of the well-known Marvel seat-packers (pretty much everyone in the Avengers). By just slapping Robert Downey Jr.  in an Iron Man suit and throwing some horrible script together you get a ‘blockbuster’ and Iron Man 3 is proof of that. Anyway that’s besides the point. The point is that before this movie was in production if you asked any dude on the street ‘what’s a Star-Lord?’, he was either gonna shrug or piss off an entire fandom.

Anyways, as a die hard fan–I was staying for the end credits scenes way before it was mainstream–I wanted to know how they bring the epicness of space to the big screen without making it a serious drama like Gravity. To prepare, I refrained from Wiki-ing anything (oh my God. The withdrawal. The agony! ) and went in knowing the basics, like an average viewer.


Thankfully, a review for the new number one Guardians of the Galaxy penned by Lex, the Marvel Guru, is already up for your viewing pleasure. That removes a lot of pressure off of me in that I do not have to sit here and recount, re-tell and re-hash ad nauseam what we already know. Was it great? Yes. Was it worth it? Most definitely. It also earned its numero uno spot.

*If you want the entire review click here. Oh and be warned, spoilers are lurking.

Lucy and Get On Up (starring Chadwick Boseman, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, Nelsan Ellis and Dan Aykroyd) taking second and third respectively with the latter earning $14 million on it’s debut weekend. While A Most Wanted Man, starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, squeaks in at last place.

Rankings are courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

  1.  Guardians of the Galaxy* — $94 million
  2.  Lucy — $18.3 million
  3. Get On Up* — $14 million
  4. Hercules — $10.7 million
  5. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes — $8.7 million
  6. Planes: Fire & Rescue — $6.4 million
  7. The Purge: Anarchy — $5.6 million
  8.  Sex Tape — $3.6 million
  9.  And So It Goes — $3.34 million
  10. A Most Wanted Man — $3.32 million


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