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Watch the Trailer for Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere Here!  

It’s no secret that Doctor Who has been around for a while and after the breath of life that the show received from the likes of David Tennant and company, it seems as if the show is going to be around for that much longer.

And on that note, the creative minds behind Doctor Who recently unveiled the official trailer of the premiere episode for the show’s eighth season. This should excite fans of the show, seeing as it will be returning to television on August 23 of this year.

Contain yourselves o.o!

The trailer itself looks intense and we get some nice shots of Peter Capaldi (the newest incarnation of The Doctor) and his companion Clara. There are also some shots of a big-ass T-Rex (no one is ready for this) and robot Victorians (say whaaaaat?).

To be honest, I am exceedingly impressed with the way that the T-Rex looked in the trailer and it inspired me to ask one question:

How in the hell can we afford this bad-ass T-Rex on a TV budget?

But actually. How MUCH did we spend on this T-Rex exactly?

Anyways, here is the synopsis for the premiere episode:

“The Doctor has regenerated and now Clara has to deal with the fact that her best friend appears to have changed completely… Meanwhile the newly regenerated Time Lord must face a terrifying monster as the Twelfth Doctor’s era begins in dramatic style” (BBC).

Other than that, fans should keep their eyes out for a couple of things including a new (and cryptic) companion by the name of Danny Pink, the nefarious Ms. Delphox who will appear later in the season, and another villain that will be played by the always welcome Ben Miller. Michelle Gomez and Hermoine Norris will also appear later in the season (Norris’s role has not been disclosed yet, while Gomez will be playing “The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere”).

You can check out the trailer below:

Source: Screen Crush, BBC

Images From:,,, BBC


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