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Check Out the Official Clip of the Dancing Baby Groot!

It’s here! It’s finally here!


It’s been roughly two weeks since Guardians of the Galaxy debuted and it is still the talk of the town among many people. In addition to that, part of the reason that many people are gung-ho for the movie is because of one, scene-stealing character:


And not grown, sweet (but also ferocious), “WE ARE GROOT” Groot either.

It is in fact BABY Groot.


Yes, I am here to announce that the powers that be finally unveiled the official clip of the dancing baby Groot. Fans who have seen the movie already are familiar with the clip and all its awesomeness.

In the clip, baby Groot happily dances to “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5, while Drax cleans one of his notorious knives with the utmost of attention. After a couple of seconds, Drax turns suddenly to check if baby Groot is in fact moving. Baby Groot wisely freezes and Drax goes back to doing what he was doing. All in all, the entire clip is humorous and adorable.

You can check out the heartwarming clip below:


Source: Screen Crush

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