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The Plot of Spider-Man As Told By Someone Who Has Never Seen It

I am a college third year (Junior) which means I am busy. There are books to read, manuscripts to write, assignments to do and essays to B.S. I have this site and soon to be internships that add to the madness. Bottom line, I haven’t forgot about you guys. I just needed to time to settle in and try to get stuff together…like my new apartment (that is still sadly empty).

So, anytime I get to take a break from everything, it most likely involves the TV and a DVD player. Movie night consisted of Toy Story–which led to me saying that if i ever got married I would want my future husband to have a “Woody the Cowboy” walk and The Amazing Spider-Man walk.

Come at me like…

Then my roommate, the same as last year (I really should come up with code-name for her) made it known she has never seen a Spider-Man film out of simple dislike for him or rather how he became “super”. She prefers the likes of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark instead of the more fantastical stuff.

Well, you know the part in the movie where Peter is finally about to get the bite we all know is coming?

Yeah, this scene?

Right before this moment, she paused the movie and said, “So is this the part where he walks into the room and there is a big ass spider sitting in a large swivel chair, clapping his fingers together slowly saying ‘I’ve been waiting for you’ and ever so gently bites him on the arm?”

Reminds me of Jeff the friggin’ Spider.

She then proceeded to say, “If he [Dr. Connors] turns into a giant rat, I am turning this sh*t off. He’s gonna turn into a rat. Tell me. Oh, I forgot about the whole ‘reptilian research’ thing.”

And it only got worse…

Image(s): supahboy.deviantart.com, gifsoup.com, www.nohomers.net


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