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The New ‘Mockingjay’ Trailer Is Out

Even though I am waiting “patiently” for the movie to finally arrive in theaters (Guys, check our countdown calendar…) and go absolutely rabid for any bit of information Lionsgate decides to put out, I was kind of peeved that this happened hours ago and I was in class. You know, because that’s what students do.

In the trailer, we see the war-torn land that Panem has become as well as a “brainwashed” Peeta (who we all first saw in the teaser released at Comic-Con). Peeta is now acting as a “mouthpiece” for President Snow because he needs one of those. Obviously. It’s not as if he is scary enough.

Yes, really. I’m trying to wrap my head around it too.

We also get fleeting glimpses of characters old and new, including Natalie Dormer’s Cressida.  An almost scarily dressed down Effie Trinket pins a mockingjay pendant on Katniss’s armor, Gale does… stuff, besides looking good in the background (that’s all I really need him to do, actually).  Oh and my Panem bestie Finnick is not left out.

So I risked life and limb to not only not take accurate notes in STATS but to also watch and post about it:

Source: Screen Rant, Screen Crush

Images From:, Entertainment Weekly, Screen Rant

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