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Controversial Spider-Woman Cover Canned by Marvel: What Took Them So Long?

There has been a lot of heated discussion and controversy over Milo Manara’s drawing. DCD (Diamond Comics Distributor) not only decided to axe Manara’s Spider-Woman cover, but they have also canceled his variants for Avengers and X-Men: Axis 1 and Thor #2. Let’s be clear: Manara’s background as an illustrator of erotica is not the deciding factor of the cancellation. He has some beautiful work; I think he just forgot who the target audience is. According to Italian publication, Holy Patience, Manara describes the cover as follows:

“It is actually a girl who is crawling, or rather, advancing at the pace of the jaguar. After climbing the wall of the building, she is pulling herself on the roof of this building. That’s how I see it. Sure, of course, since women are built in a certain way, any movement they make, if they are nude … and to some degree, more or less, all super heroines are naked.”

Wow, that is an interesting perspective. Advancing at the pace of a Jaguar…


I didn’t get that from this Jaguar. Did you?

Here is another colorful quote from Manara about Spider-Woman and the female anatomy:

“That said, it’s not my fault if women are like that. I’m only drawing them. It’s not me who made women that way: is an author much more “important”, for those who believe …”

Wow, if he thinks this photo illustrates how all women have always looked, then he obviously does not get out enough. Aside from real women not resembling the Spider-Woman cover at all, there has been debate on whether or not that pose is anatomically possible. People have gone to great lengths to show that it is, and what it would look like if it was where to come to life:


Hmpf. I guess it is possible…but only if you have a contorted size 0 waist, a hyper-extended neck, and nothing but bone and ligaments at your hip. So to Manara, this is what women look like. Sheesh.

And what about the ass?

SPIDERWOMAN001Manara-06299-600x853.0 booty

As you can see, Manara likes to use this particular ass shape to represent his view of how females look. No matter if you’re bending over for a crowd or scaling tall buildings, women’s asses are always ready for rear entry.

I have no words.

From these comments, it is clear Manara has a distorted view of things. I can respect an artist and their vision for their work, but I conclude that Manara is pretentious and slightly out of his mind:

“Unless the point is that, in these days, a sort of hypersensitivity to erotic images is spreading, maybe due to the ongoing discussions we are facing related to Islam. We know that censorship on woman’s body should not be a Western trait. That too, is quite surprising to me”

HUH?! I’m not sure if he is trolling or what. This is quite a skewed view of women and their bodies. Then comparing American censorship to Islam? What is his problem?! 

Anyways, despite all of this, this will not be the last we will be seeing of Manara. In a weekly interview with Comic Book Resources, Axel Alonso, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief, apologized for the image, saying that they realized that the messages sent in the Milo Manara variant cover were not what was intended. At the same time, Alonso firmly mentioned that Marvel would be commissioning covers from Manara in the future, but that they were “aware of the growing sensitivity to covers like this”. This does not surprise me. It’s just business as usual. I would hope Marvel does not make this mistake a second time.

My advice to Marvel: do a bit of review and editing before publishing any of his covers. Actually, do A LOT of review. You know, just to be safe.


Source: Comicbook Resources, fumettologica.it

Images From: Gifiric.com, Comicbookresources.com, Marvel.com


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