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8 Annoying Things About The First Week of School

Hello, lovers of the zoo! It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here, but alas! I have returned. And since school has just started for me, I decided that the best way to celebrate my return was to craft yet another “annoying” list.

So, without further ado, here are eight annoying things about the first week of school:

1. Optimism

Also known as you think the quarter/semester will start out well…and then it doesn’t.

Yup. The quarter/semester is definitely out to do this to you.

This is the worst. No matter how many quarters/semesters I go through (as a third year/Junior, I’ve been through like 94820948320 quarters/semesters at this point ), I never fail to feel some sort of misguided optimism at the beginning of the school year and it ALWAYS comes back to bite me in the ass.

Oh, you thought that pop quiz was gonna go well? Lol, think again.

2. Finding out that you have classes on opposite sides of the campus.

Meaning that you have to bolt across campus. And as someone who is currently cripple, let me tell you: that sh*t is not fun.

I. HATE. RUNNING. *heavy breathing*

I hate this so much. Not only is it tiresome, but who wants to walk into class drenched in  8093248023 gallons of sweat? No one has time for that.

3. Pimping out your RSO/registered student organization/student group/etc.

If you already in an RSO, you are forced to pimp it and yourself out to all the incoming freshmen/first years. Whether you like it or not.

This one usually leaves me feeling tired.

And cheap.

Yup. This is usually how it feels.

It’s not that I don’t love my group. It’s that I don’t feel like explaining what the f*ck this sh*t is about 432098230948039248230879 times to someone who is just going to ask me to explain that shit again.

You didn’t hear me the first time? Tough.

Bonus points if the leader of your RSO is an asshole/drama queen/drama king/despot.

*Le sigh*

4. Having to put your brain to use.

Consider this: You spent the last three or more months (aka summer) doing nothing (or maybe doing one thing/job) and now you have to actually use your brain for classes.

That sucks…doesn’t it?

Why. Why must I do this.

Readjusting from a pretty chill summer to a very hectic first week is nothing short of madness. In fact, my brain was fried the second day (freakin’ Tuesday) back to school. It was that bad.

And, you know, while we’re talking about (school) work:

5. You have more work your first week back than you did last quarter/semester.

And yes. I definitely mean the ENTIRE quarter/semester.


Seriously. How is it possible that this is the first time that I have ever set foot in this class and I already have enough work to last me the entire quarter/semester? It doesn’t make any sense. But then again, NOTHING YOUR FIRST WEEK BACK MAKES ANY SENSE.

Enough said.

6. Having to meeting your asshole professors.

This one usually goes either way. Sometimes you get lucky and you get a professor is super cool and probably a saint.

And then sometimes, you get the devil incarnate.

Dear Lord, deliver us from the asshole that is this professor. Amen.

As for me, the universe usually allows me only one badass professor a year, so I am usually relegated to full-blown assholes.

Exhibit A: During my third day of classes, I ended up having to talk to one of my media professors about my long trek to his class (and, you know, the fact that I am cripple and that it makes my trek TWICE as long). Needless to say, he wasn’t very understanding:

Me: Hey, so I usually get to my classes on time, but as I am cripple for the next 2048309285 months, I’m going to be a few minutes late every class.

Professor Douche: Well, Lex, since you chose this class, it is your responsibility to get here bright and early every day. Crippleness be damned.

Me: o.o…wut.

Okay, so, maybe he didn’t say “Crippleness be damned, but he might as well. As I stated earlier, I’m not a fan of running to classes, so…


7. Learning new names.

Whether you have to learn new names because of the new people in your class or because of the new people in your dorm, it is ANNOYING either way.

Let me be completely honest here: I hate people. HATE them. It is the very reason my social circle is so small and why I am still—to this day—absolutely shocked that I managed to make friends despite being such an asshole.

That being said, sometimes, I try to tone my “assholeness” down temporarily and there is no better way to do that than being considerate enough to learn someone’s name.

Unless you don’t give a f*ck and if that’s the case, carry on.

Oh. Okay then.

8. Having to once again find the balance between work and play.

Or in my case, work, school, physical therapy, and this lovely website.


Even though I went MIA on you guys recently, I’ve still been bogged down with work and physical therapy. And now that school’s been re-added to the list, my new favorite past time is bashing my head against the wall.

It’s just…it’s too much.

However, in the end, I’m usually able to strike some sort of balance.



What about you? What are some of the annoying things that you have to deal with at the beginning of every school year? Let me know in the comments below!


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