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Do You Hate Miles Teller Because of Reed Richards?

As you know, Miles Teller is set to play Mr. Fantastic in Fox’s Chronicle 2.

Oh, I’m sorry.

I meant Fox’s Fantastic 4 reboot which is set to be released in the Summer of 2015.

SIKE. I’m not sorry.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Teller mentions that he knows fans are not happy about the casting or direction of this film. His reaction of indifference is no different than his other cast members. Teller told Huffington Post:

“There are a million blogs and websites talking about the casting and they hear one little thing, like, oh, there was rumor it was a found-footage movie, so then there were a million comments on that. If we’re going to be up for everybody’s public disposal of it, I try not to get too caught up with anything on the Internet. Out of sight is out of mind for me a lot of the time. I already know that people hate me for the fact that I’m playing Reed Richards and that we’re ruining their franchise.”

U_Fantastic_Four_h1I guess he has a point. Were he to let fan reaction get to him, he would have a nervous breakdown. However, I think his thoughts are a bit far-fetched. I don’t think fans are angry at him. They are angered that their beloved comic book family is becoming something they no longer recognize. This is what fans have been use to since the comic’s debut in 1961. While I have not been a follower of the Fantastic Four, I can understand fan frustration. Fox seems to be drawing from a non-canon story of the Fantastic Four called, The Ultimate Fantastic 4.


Here is the synopsis from the story:

“While the characters may bear resemblance to their normal Marvel Universe counterparts, they differ in many aspects. The origin of their powers is different and the team is much younger. The series revolves around the adventures of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and siblings Susan and Johnny Storm, who get engulfed in a malfunctioned teleporter experiment and get super powers: Reed can stretch, Susan projects force fields and makes herself invisible, Johnny becomes a human torch and Ben is a super strong stone giant. The series takes place in contemporary New York” (Wikipedia).

From what I have heard, there are major deviations even outside of this. According to co-stars of the film:

  1. No costumes
  2. Family members are adopted.
  3. Source Material butchered.
  4. Casting is weird (Not necessarily Michael B. Jordan as human torch).

See Mr. Teller, very little of the backlash is about you. It is best to get over yourself.


Source: Huffington Post

Images: Just Jared,

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