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20 Thoughts On ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer

If you have a pulse, you have probably seen the newest Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. If you somehow missed it or haven’t watched it yet, we’ve got you covered:

That being said, after having watched this aforementioned trailer for like the 2049823942308th time, I have decided to issue forth some questions and concerns that popped into my head while watching it:

1. Who the hell is Andy Serkis playing?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.49.53

If you’ve been following Age of Ultron news as closely as the rest of us, you know that Mr. Serkis was cast to play SOMETHING awhile ago. But so far, the interwebs have been tight-lipped when it comes to what he would be playing exactly.

So, after finally seeing him in the trailer—with a bad ass beard and haircut (which makes me think he might me some kind of villain because all villains have badass hair as a rule. Obviously. You know…unless you’re Lex Luthor. Then, you’re just bald. But bald usually also means evil too)—I’m curious as to who he’s playing exactly, especially if he won’t be doing some CGI/motion capture character this time around.

Fan theorists across the web hypothesized that he might be playing Ulysses S. Claw, but I honestly don’t know if that’s the case or not.

2. Lots of Hawkeye. I like it.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.51.05

Hawkeye got like 20 minutes of love TOPS in his last outing with The Avengers and though it has basically turned into a meme/running joke, I think that is highly unacceptable. Most fans of Hawkeye know that he is a bamf (it’s true and in recent iterations, he’s turned into a deaf bamf which is exceedingly compelling); so that was pretty disappointing to see.

So, hopefully, if the trailer is any indication, we’ll see a lot more Hawkeye in this upcoming film.

3. That being said, are they going to kill him or nah?

A few months ago, Emperor/Nerd Overlord/Master-In-Chief Joss Whedon and company mentioned that characters like Black Widow/Natasha, Bruce Banner/Hulk, and Hawkeye/Clint Barton—especially Hawkeye—would be getting a lot more character development in this film.

In my experience, more character development/involvement = impending death. We even saw it with characters like Frigga from Thor: The Dark World. She finally gets more screen time and then what happens?

She dies.

I’m hoping Hawkeye escapes this obviously, but when you’re riding with Joss Whedon, no one is safe.

4. I gotta ask: did Tony play Pinocchio on Netflix—in the background—while creating Ultron? How the f*ck does the theme of Pinocchio and his life on strings work its way into the twisted mind of Ultron?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.56.50


I need to know this.Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.56.43

The speech he give at what looks like a party at Avengers Tower about strings is GREAT. I just need to know how he knew that or how he learned that. I mean, I think the distinction is brilliant on Marvel’s part. Granted, as I friend and I discussed, it could have easily fell into something along the lines of Frankenstein.

Except Frankenstein falls more in line with Bruce/The Hulk, if we think about Hulk as a conglomeration of a modern Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein. The distinction between the two though, is that Pinocchio—Ultron in this case—wants to be real (insert a real boy joke here) and has the consciousness to prove it…unlike Tony’s past Iron Men.

TL;DR: If this is what happens when Disney buys you, I want more of it.

Side-note: Ultron coming to life at that party was creepy as f*ck. I love it and I would have sh*t myself if I had been in attendance.

5. Thank you Marvel for teaching people how to pick trailer music.

Looking at you, Exodus: Gods and Kings. You know, besides your obvious racial oversights.

6. So…are we going to talk about Bruce/Hulk and Natasha/Black Widow touching hands or nah?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.50.48

When I saw this in the trailer, I definitely felt like I was seeing that iconic Tarzan/Jane moment unfolding before me (I mean, since we’re still on Disney, I deem this appropriate to talk about).

So, it’s not just me right? There’s totally a connection. Totally.

Granted, I think it’s a nice touch, but since I am never afraid to talk about “ships”, I need to know:

Will they become a thing? And if they do, where does that leave her and Hawkeye, since most of us are shipping them anyways? And should I even discuss whether or not it will ever be addressed that Widow and the Winter Soldier may have been a thing?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

7. Those ballerinas are part of Natasha’s past, right?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.50.32

If they are, that is cool as fuck and I can’t wait to see more of that, as the movies have told us basically not sh*t about her whatsoever.

8. What the hell is going on with Bruce?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.46.29

The last time we saw him in The Avengers, we were left with the impression that he could somewhat control his anger now and that he would be okay.

This trailer leaves us with the opposite. I mean, he makes this constipated ass face like Roy from Arrow and then falls down a lot. If that is not a clear indication that something is wrong or that he is having a nervous breakdown, I don’t know what is.

9. Why isn’t Quicksilver beating the sh*t out of everyone? They have Ultron and Quicksilver on the same team. How do you drag this out long enough to where they don’t win initially?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.49.14

In addition to that, how do drag this out long enough to where he and Scarlet Witch eventually switch sides?

Granted, the movie will probably answer this question for us, but it’s still something to think about. Speedsters like Quicksilver and The Flash are always super tough to write or incorporate into things because they are so. f*cking. powerful.

So excuse me when I say that you are going to need a damn good reason to explain why Ultron and Quicksilver—ignoring Scarlet Witch for a sec—don’t totally annihilate the Avengers in their first go.

10. Why is Scarlet Witch lame as f*ck in the trailer?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.48.57Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.49.39

Obviously, she’ll be doing badass sh*t in the movie (hopefully), but here, all she did was scream and then throw some magical beam to the side. I mean, it did make a nice and tasteful transition to the very next cut, but still. Everyone has a bamf moment in this trailer and she doesn’t really get one.

11. Thor almost chokes Tony out.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.51.31Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.51.42Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.53.40



I have been waiting for SOMEONE to do this to Tony. He is the root of every problem in this universe and I would have choked him out upon meeting him. On the flip side, I still love the guy because he’s being portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. and he is not NEARLY as f*cked the brain as his comic book counterpart.

That being said, it still brings me joy to see someone—Thor—not taking his sh*t.

12. Also, that fan-service shot with Thor in the water is nice.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.50.07

Honestly, that speaks for itself. A lot of fans complained that Thor was “too covered” (I didn’t know that could be a thing?) in his last outing. Maybe they’re trying to make up for it?

Just a thought.

13. Also, why does Thor suddenly drop his hammer?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.48.35

Marvel has been at this movie business for six years now and in these six years, we as fans have learned at least one thing in particular when it comes to Thor and his hammer:

When he drops that thing, sh*t is about to pop off. But my question is what exactly is going to pop off? Is he reacting to the terrifying sight of Ulton’s army or…?

14. Steve/Cap looks super serious. I like it.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.56.16

In this trailer, Steve/Captain America does a lot of looking around and reflecting—while kicking a lot of sh*t in, of course. I’m excited about this, because it’s going to serve as the perfect opportunity to highlight more of the change that continues to go on around this “man out of time”.

And frankly, after he finally got to prove how much of a badass he is in his last outing, I’m excited to see what happens with him next.

15. Cap’s broken shield. Enough said.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.54.14

I need not even explain this. You KNOW this means that they’re ALL in trouble. You know.

16. I saw Rhodey/Iron Patriot/War Machine briefly. What role will he be playing here?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.56.53

At the party where Ultron suddenly comes to life (I maintain that that is still creepy as hell), Rhodey is clearly present. So my question here is what role is he going to be playing exactly? Is he going to maintain his role as the liaison between Stark and the government or is he going to eventually get pulled in on official Avengers business (just in case you’re not aware, I’m definitely hoping he gets pulled in on official Avengers business)?

17. Will Falcon also be involved?

I’m only asking this because we saw him and Cap leave together in Cap’s last movie; so I guess I’m wondering where he’s going to be as this madness unfolds.

18. Hulkbuster action. Enough said.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.49.07

After watching Iron Man 3 and seeing Tony’s armor Igor HOLD UP A F*CKING BEAM, I am ready for some real Iron Man action and we should definitely look no further than the coming Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight.

19. That being said, what pisses off Bruce Banner/The Hulk enough to beat the snot out of Tony?

Screenshot 2014-10-23 14.13.05Screenshot 2014-10-23 14.13.41

I mean, aside from the fact that Tony is the root of all evil in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and aside from the fact that he’s the reason that Ultron is a thing in this film, what possibly could have pissed him off enough to beat the sh*t out of Tony?

What has become of their bromance?

I need to know this.


20. Nick Fury is back.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 13.55.57

It was inevitable that Fury would be back for something of this magnitude, but it is seriously good to see him again. Hell, it is always good to see Samuel L. Jackson.

….And that’s all I have for now. What were some of your questions/comments? What did you think about the trailer? Are you as pumped as I am? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Images From: Youtube, Marvel, Uproxx, Wifflegif.com


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