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4 Annoying Things About the Word “Nice”

It’s been at least two weeks since I drafted up one of my well-known and snarky as all hell “annoying” lists. That being said, this particular list has been in the drafting phase for quite awhile as I was trying to find the right words.

But before I get into this aforementioned list, I think it would be wise to explain its back-story:

A couple of months ago, I witnessed a good friend using a very selfless gesture to reach out to a friend in need of some emotional support. Granted, the gesture was kind of complicated by the fact that the two were currently moving toward relationship limbo together, but that didn’t change the fact that her gesture was exceedingly compassionate.

Hell, we all know I’m one of the biggest assholes you will ever meet, but even I couldn’t help but smile at the entire thing (I may have even got misty-eyed. It was that compelling).

That is, until said friend got hit with the following, thankless words:

“Oh. That’s nice. Thanks.”

Cue my friend flying into ball of rage.


So, without further ado, I present to you four reasons why the word “nice” is annoying as f*ck and why I and my friend hate it:

1. It’s vague as sh*t.

One of the MOST annoying things about using the word “nice” is that it is so vague. Seriously. No one knows what the f*ck you’re talking about when you use that word.

That’s just it: no one knows.

What does one mean by using the word nice? Are you trying to say “kind”? Are you trying to say “good”? “Great” even? Or are you so lazy and is your vocabulary so small that you can’t even fathom using a more—I don’t know—descriptive word?

Which brings me to my next point:

2. It’s lazy.

It is so lazy. So f*cking lazy.

As if it wasn’t obvious from the lazy use of the word “nice”. Bye Felicia.

By the small and very slim chance that you were actually trying to imply something other than nice, you definitely took the laziest way out, bub, and thus deserve whatever tongue-lashing is headed your way.

Look. You even pissed Tyra off. Smh.

Real talk: It’s not that hard. If you can’t think of any other word to use, pick up a thesaurus for Christ’s sake.

Here are some suggestions for the pee-brains at heart:

Lovely. Admirable. Charming. Commendable. Considerate (an obvious one, but I digress). Delightful. Gracious. Kind (Another obvious one).

There’s plenty more where that came from, but in the interest of time (and because I’ve almost burned out my snark levels for the day), I will move on.

3. It’s generic.

Continuing on in the spirit of number 1 and 2, “nice” annoys the hell out of me because it really doesn’t mean anything at all and is quite, quite generic.

To explain, some people actually use the word “nice” purposefully because they think it actually carries some type of meaning. Well, I’m here to tell those people that they’re wrong. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s an outstandingly empty ass word and carries no weight whatsoever.


Which leads me to my last, but equally biting complaint:

4. It’s insulting.

In the case of my recently incensed friend, “nice” is a word that pisses people off because at the end of the day, it is entirely insulting.

You know why? Because an action like the one my pal carried out should not just be described as “nice”. She put herself out there and comforted her friend when he was down and out. She didn’t have to do that. Hell, I probably would not have done that. I care for my friends, but sometimes I have the social skills of someone who is clearly on the spectrum. And other times, I’ll be completely honest:

I just don’t give a sh*t.

In case it wasn’t already clear.

And that’s why this situation earns the side-eye from me. We live in a world now where we could be sitting/standing/EXISTING right next to someone and we would still be wholly disconnected from them for whatever reason (technology is usually the go-to scapegoat in this situation, but I will leave that up to you guys).

So when someone makes the conscious decision to reach out to you, to help you pick yourself up, to be that listening ear when no one else will, to be that shoulder to cry one when everyone else has no f*cks to give…

You DO NOT—I repeat—DO NOT call them or their action “nice”.

Furthermore, no one every wants to be referred to as “nice”, because as I said before it means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Think about it. “Nice” is a word you throw at something when you could care less about it (you’ll understand this if you’ve ever been hit with “Oh, that’s nice” from a friend or relative and etc). I mean, I don’t ever want to be referred to as nice. I would much rather you call me an asshole because that would be way more specific and descriptive than the word “nice”.

In short, if “nice” is the only word you can come up with in your lazy, generic, insulting, and vague ass mind, it is highly likely that you do not deserve a kind, commendable, and genuine friend or gesture of any kind….to say the least.

That’s all folks. I’m done. You can go home now.

What are you guys’ thoughts? What word do you find annoying? Let me know in the comments below. 

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