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Meet The Interns: Christina Tenisha

What’s shaking, lovers of the Zoo? I hope you’ve recovered from your “oh-sh*t-that-was-awesome” hangover that was brought on by the recent release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer.

That being said, though it has been a looong ass time, we are back with yet another interview featuring some of our newest writers. After the riots that were Just Dash (dude’s been busy, but he’ll make his debut one of these days) and The Movie Man (you have most certainly read some of his stuff and let me be the first to say that ALL of it is fantastic), we hope you enjoy our newest interview featuring the great Christina Tenisha.

Most of you are probably familiar with Christina as she penned a wonderfully funny review of American Horror Story’s freshman season. So if you’ve read that, you know that this interview will be anything but boring.

So, without further ado, I introduce you Christina:

L: Hello, Christina! How are you?

C: I’m great! Thanks for asking.

L: Nice. What are your thoughts about joining The Zoo, Christina?

C: Well, I’m very excited about joining The Zoo and getting my writing out there. It’ll also be good to be apart of a great team of talented writers and bring something fresh and new to The Zoo. I’m looking forward to it!

L: Christina. I’m curious to know whether Christina is your actual name. Are you willing disclose your real one?

C: Yes, it is…of sorts. Tenisha is actually my middle name, not my last, but I much prefer it to my surname so use it instead. It’s also significantly better than my last name.

L: What are some of your favorite things?

C: I’m gonna go ahead and put a person on this list first.

Angelina Jolie. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m literally in love with this woman; I do a bit of art on the side and have attempted to draw her at least 6 times now – each drawing is a little better than the last, but I’m still not quite there yet.

I also LOVE reading comic books. I got into them in the last 3 or so years (Marvel), and I’m hooked. I’m looking to start on some good DC one’s; so any recommendations are welcome!

L: Which hero (Disney or anything otherwise) do you most identify with?

C: I think it’d have to be Spidey. He’s not my absolute favourite, but I definitely identify with him in the sense that before he was Spidey, he was very much the “underdog” Peter Parker. Quiet, Smart, not that popular, a little nerdy – those are the kinds of characters I find most close to my own heart. The one’s that have taken a journey and have had to overcome something. The one’s that were bullied and picked on, but that have come out the other side, stronger and better than ever. Those kinds of characters speak to me in a way that no other character ever will, as the whole being an “underdog” or an “outcast” thing, even not being able to be who you want to be, is something very familiar to me. It’s really hit me in the last few years, that I just need to embrace me, and everything that comes with that and if people don’t like it, they can go suck a lemon. Or a lime. Their pick.

L: Which villain (Disney or anything otherwise) do you most identify with?

C: I’m not entirely sure that I have a specific one. Pretty much any person that becomes a villain for vengeful reasons, I can totally understand and identify with. I hold grudges; so the concept of revenge and getting back at those that have wronged you is definitely one that I can identify with.

L: What’s a real-life issue that is somewhat close to your heart?13A-When-words-hurt

C: Bullying.

This again comes from the point of view of someone who was bullied (albeit briefly) & teased throughout school and who has seen it done to others. In the grand scheme of things going on in the world right now, perhaps bullying–to some people–is not that big of a deal, but for me it definitely is. It changes a person and can change their outlook on life and themselves, and it’s a dangerous thing when you have a warped perception of yourself based on what others have had to say about it. There’s also obviously the physical aspect, the part that normally takes place during school, so everyone’s excuse is “Kid’s fight” – that aspect terrifies and infuriates me. That another human being would think it is okay to put their hands on someone else in an aggressive and confrontational manner, is beyond me. It’s not acceptable and at all, and a lot more needs to be done about it. Teasing and bullying should not be a “normal” part of life for some kids.

L: If you could live in any time period, what would it be?

C: Ooo, this question.


Definitely the 18th Century – regency period, or the Victorian Era. Historically, not fantastic times for people of the chocolate/caramel persuasion or women in terms of feminism and women’s rights, but they’re two of my favourite time periods.

L: Is that your final answer?

C: Maaaybe.

Actually no, I’m gonna throw a futuristic time period in there and say, 3015. I want hover cars, Artifical Intelligence, all that technology good stuff. I usually repel technology as it advances, but a world in which everything is technology based, could be pretty badass.

L: And in that same vein, name your favorite time period as it pertains to fashion?

C: The 1920’2-40’s in terms of style were EVERYTHING. Going to also throw in the 90’s (shoutout to all the 90’s kids), because it was what I like to call a “comfortable” era in terms of clothing.

L: How’s your taste in music?

C: Varies. One of my favorite artists, is and probably always will be no matter what she does, Nicki Minaj. I don’t like all of her stuff and I tend to generally run away screaming from anything “pop” with a few exceptions. But when she goes “hood”, I’m there.

I’m also a huge Ed Sheeran fan; I love his music and he’s very talented. Sam Smith too.

And then my R’n’B baes (hate to use that word, but I have to), like Maxwell, Marques Houston, Trey Songz (before all this pop crap – think his first few albums especially Passion, Pain and Pleasure album), Ginuwine. Old school R Kelly. This list could go on for years haha.

L: Do you have a favorite artist?

C: A few favourites, but no longer one in particular. Beyoncé floats on and off the list.


L: Any particular reason?

C: Well, Beyoncé used to be my favourite and I thought the sun shone out of her ass, but I started to see some things in her that I didn’t like. Same with Nicki. I’m not a huge fan of artists who feel the need to be overly sexual in their music videos. I remember as a kid the rap videos that used to play on MTV Base after 11PM, and how they degraded women, and I feel like the industry did a lot to stop all that, and for a while they did, then people like Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, to name a few, brought it all back. To each their own, I’m just not a fan of degrading women.

L: You said you’re really into YA Fiction. What is your favourite YA Fiction book?


That’s my number one. Anyone that knows me knows that.

But also The Maze Runner. A fantastic series by a British author called Noughts and Crosses WHICH I HIGHLY RECCOMEND. It’s a dystopian world in which the black people, the “Crosses” are the superior people. They have the big houses and all the money etc and the “Noughts” have nothing. It’s a very interesting read and a fresh approach, there’s a lot of animosity between the two groups, but at the center of it are two young teenagers and it really is a heartbreaking story. Don’t expect happy endings. Not in the world it’s set in.

L: Movies. Top 5. Go:

C: The Avengers

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    Mission Impossible 3&4

    Think Like a Man

L: Favorite TV Show (s) (Past or Present):

C: Buffy, Teen Wolf, True Blood, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story (which I’ve literally just started watching). Brittania High (a small British series – only had one season). The Inbetweeners (UK one, the original, duh). The Mindy Project & Arrow. (so much Arrow; that show SLAYS)

L: Alright, Christina :). So far, you’ve proved to be fairly interesting. However, now is the time to ask you some fairly divisive and tough questions. Are you ready for this?

C: I’m ready.

L: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

C: Potter. Watched the first Lord of the Rings, bored me to death and didn’t understand it (*gasps* I know I’m a shameful human being)

L: Star Wars or Star Trek?

C: Trek. Always Trek. So much Trek.

L: The Hunger Games or The Divergent Trilogy?

C: Nghhughh. The first Divergent book was the only good thing in that whole trilogy. I still haven’t finished reading the Hunger Games series; only read the first two books but the obsession of the world with both lead actresses leads me to vote…


I chose Vampire Academy. I ALWAYS chose Vampire Academy.

L: New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox?

C: What in 7 kingdoms…? I’M BRITISH; I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS! *laughs*

L: Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics?

Lakers. By default I’ve always gone with Lakers. Purple’s such a pretty colour isn’t it?

L: Boo.

C: *laughs*

L: DC or Marvel?

C: Pshhhhtt. MARVEL.

L: How did you feel about Iron Man 3?

C: My brain does not recognize crap. Sorry.

L: How did you feel about Man of Steel?

C: Mehhhh, whyyyyy, look people are dying, do you care Superman? DO YOU EVEN CARE?!

Oh, look. It’s Lois.


L: M. Night Shyamalamadingdong Shyamalan walks up to you and tells you that he is going to adapt [insert-favorite-childhood-show-here] into a movie. What do you do?

C: Meh, too many adaptations of things. Make it STAHP.

L: To test your decency as a human being: What did you think of The Last Airbender?

C: Where the Asians at?

L: Miley Cyrus shows up and twerks on your grandmother. How do you react?

C: Calmly. My mother raised me well. I simply pull out my phone, hit record and wait for my Grandmother to slap that piece of ish into next century.

L: You were married to Robin Thicke for x amount of years. Things fell apart, you broke up, and he promptly dedicated an entire album and tour to “getting you back”. What is your reaction?

C: In the words of Michael Kyle from My Wife and Kids,

Ehhh, NAH!

L: And back to being a little bit more serious: what do you hope to bring to Sublime Zoo?

C: A bucket full of opinions, a sprinkle of YA stuff, and a hell of a lot of fun.


L: Welp. That’s all, folks. Thanks for playing.


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