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Support The Zoo: Sublime Zoo is Starting a T-Shirt Campaign!

Greetings, lovers of the zoo!

Always good to see ya.

A couple of months ago, our leader/supreme overlord, Sublime Kai, wrote a post about expecting some incoming changes to our venerable website. Since then, we’ve brought on a number of writers, changed our layout, and done host of other small things to make your experience here a great one.

That being said, we zookeepers have so many more changes and ideas in mind for this website, but we are not going to be able to do any of it without your help.

But actually. We need you.

You heard her.

Which brings me to the subject at hand:


As college students, we have a minuscule budget (to put it very nicely) to pull from, and no one knows better than us the power that a t-shirt—with some well-placed writing—can possess.

But, you know, just in case you need a bit more convincing on why it is so important that you support our new venture, here are our goals…list-style.

Oh, come on. You knew that was coming.

But seriously, these are some of our goals:

1. We want to leave WordPress (in the hosting sense).

Right now, because of our deal with WordPress, we are not allowed to advertise, meaning we are missing out on turning this site into a self-sufficient one (and a host of other opportunities). It’s time to change that.

2. We want to be able to gift our contributors and writers with rewards and prizes, especially when they hit milestones.

The other zookeepers at this site keep this place running, ESPECIALLY when AJ and I disappear due to our demanding schedules. They work hard. Extremely hard. And we want them to have something to show for it besides “experience”.

3. We want to have enough resources to start running contests and giveaways.

Now this is where your investment would come back and help you. Call it good karma, so to speak.

Anyways, we all know that free stuff is the fastest way to get your name and your cause out there. In our case, we need it to boost traffic and we can’t do that with our current budget.

4. We want to be able to initially ad-boost ourselves, particularly as it pertains to Facebook.

I chatted with some of our other zookeepers recently and I was informed that Facebook can do heavy promoting for our site for a fee. We’d love to be able to partake in this.


And now that I’ve got all of this business talk out of the way, I want you guys to get excited. We made it this far because you guys continue to support us and cheer us on even when it gets tough and I cannot wait to see what you do this time around. We’ve got 22 days and counting! Let’s go to work.

So, seeing as I have done more than enough talking and writing for and about this cause, I’m going to shut up now and point you to this aforementioned campaign:


That being said, please continue to check back on the site as well as our Facebook and Twitter for updates on this entire thing. And if you haven’t liked us or followed us yet (which would mean you wouldn’t be getting those updates), you can fix that by going here and here.

And in case we don’t say it enough, thank you.

Seriously. Thank you.

Happy campaigning,

Lex Luther


Images From: Giphy.com, Rebloggy.com, Reddit.com, Imgur.com, houseofanubis.wikia.com


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