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THIS IS THE END: The Naruto Manga has ended

I know this news has been out for like ever now, but I have just recently read the last couple of chapters.* Recently, as in two nights ago in bed because that’s what I do to go to sleep, I read manga, strange fan-fiction and quite possibly wiki pages about serial killers. I know I’m strange, but Friday night (like weeks ago now) I cried. And crying is way out of the norm for someone who has to actually remind themselves to have certain emotions at certain moments.

I friggin’ boohooed, the manga had touched me that much…but then I feel like the ‘classy lady’ drink I partook in that night contributed.

I mean this sh*t was on Toonami and like before it was put out to pasture and then brought back late as hell.

And yes, I am an old twenty-something I can’t stay up all night long anymore but those are just my grievances.


Crying while reading Naruto is nothing new to me since they had gotten me straight in the feels when Jiraiya and Itachi died (for separate reasons). This time was different because while I knew that the manga had a definite ending and wasn’t one of those things to go on needlessly and plot-lessly forever. And that was one of the things that attracted me to Naruto because it had plot movement — as long as we don’t count any of those horrible filler episodes in the anime, which I don’t — it, like Avatar: The Last Air Bender (another of my favorites) had a planned ending as well as many other factors that made the series so damn endearing.

First, let me just say that character constellations were top f*cking notch here. For a series that was continuously adding new characters to the dynamic never did I once feel like “there goes “Rando Bob”, here to just further the plot”. No, that was not the case. You had characters like Neji and Rock Lee that in another place would have been simply there because. Instead, I felt for both of those second tier characters because they both had depth to them, while at the same time were juxtaposed against one another. Neji was a fatalist and Rock Lee believed that through hard-work he could be just as great as the others. Both characters are shown believing in their ideals wholeheartedly until they are put to the test. Neji, through the realization that he was wrong about the world and the people in it and Lee, by taking everything he had worked for out from under him. When you can take a character that was never meant to be the star of a series and flesh them out enough for them to having a following and a journey just as important as the main character, you have done a good job.

*I finally now what this means now! Thank you, education!*

That being said, I felt for all characters in different ways…even Konan and her ultra booty-ass death.

Which leads us into the character death count. SPOILER! …Not really…All deaths are friggin’ significant and feel like a gut punch to the feels. Even the ones that happened way back in the day *ahm* Haku and Zabuza. The fact that I can remember them even though their arc debuted when I was a sad pre-teen that was still actually interested in reading — fact of life: the higher your education, the less you actually take the time to crack open your books– says something. Hell, even the deaths that took place before the series are so relevant the set up the entire story and I’m still sad that we have never really had time with the bad-asses that are Naruto’s parents.

In the vein of very important deaths, I just want to give a shout out the Pervy Sage, Jiraiya, who ended up being my favorite character. At first I was like, “Yeah, Naruto!” But along the way, quite possibly after the time skip to Shippuden I was team Jiraiya to the point where if there was a spin-off manga called “Jiraiya” I would read it just based off of what I know now. And if you come at me on a “you spoiled tip” I will personally take the time out of my life to hunt you down. I will find you and I will kill you.

Because if you consider this a spoiler you actually kinda deserve to have this spoiled because you know what you were getting into.

Truth time, when he died I was one hundred percent sure he was going to come back. I don’t know if it is this day and age… or just The Vampire Diaries and the Transformers films that has made me believe that death isn’t final. Important character dies? Big whoop they are going to get revived just in time for the next large battle or pivotal moment. You know, like in the Pokemon games…or DBZ. When that didn’t happen I about lost my sh*t twice. The first time during that beyond said as f*ck death/flashback scene and again when I realized that the Pervy homie was not coming back. Even after the revelation that his life was down right sh*tty and he was actually a decent and admirable person, not to mention the effect he had on the main characters life. It made him a pretty big deal.

Lemme just hit you with this revive potion real quick

I had to sit down, drink some Gatorade and get my electrolytes up because it was hard. I actually had to put myself on Naruto hiatus for a while.

Hence why this post is beyond late and an actual review of the series is no where near being done. But it shall happen! I promise you on a blood oath of brother…sister…person-hood, that it will get done.

Until then, pour one out for the manga homie, Naruto.


*Recently as in three weeks ago.

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