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Help Wanted: Write For The Zoo!


Do you watch a lot of television or movies?

 Do you spent hours staring blankly as you troll through the internet at all hours of the night (most likely Tumblr)?

 Have you ever started playing a video game one night only to realize that it’s now morning?

 Do people call you “intense” where entertainment and comics are involved?

 Have you ever wanted to write yet another thing that has absolutely nothing to do with school or your life as it stands now?

 Have you ever tried to “paint with all of the colors of the Fandoms”?


Well this is the place for you!

ICDC College! And if you’re American, you know you slick sang that…

Okay, no for real, you are in the right place. I don’t know if you guys heard, but Lex and I are in the middle of a legitimate quest to assemble a specific set of people with a specific skill set.

A “fellowship if you will.

Hell, even if you don’t have superpowers and the like, we still need you (like how The Avengers needed Phil to get sh*t done).

If you are looking at this post right now, chances are you know who we are and what we are about. And in the off chance that you don’t–f*ck it, if you don’t know, I honestly don’t what tell you as you are currently here. It would be like me trying to make use of one of those mall maps with the “You are here” star that doesn’t offer any help to anybody.

I’m assuming that this is what those maps are trying to accomplish. And if that’s the case, they suck.

In short, we like humor, opinions, and ideas! If this is something you want to at least inquire about and/or try, please do. We promise not to do you guys like half of the people in Game of Thrones. You will make it out of here alive. However, we cannot promise your sanity. So, please already come outright insane–the good kind–because it takes a lot of the pressure off of us.

So go the brand spanking new “Become A Zookeeper” button under the “Write for Us” tab. And if you are feeling particularly lazy just click the link.


You can hit us with those emails at (that’s how important you are to us, we are going all the way to corporate) or our Facebook page. 

And right now, we have a special limited time offer: The first 20 replies do not die outright like Boromir.


Everybody else after that…sorry, no promises.

Lex and I approve this message. Obviously.


Don’t forget to follow us like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

Sound off!

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