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‘Fable Legends’ Will Offer Cross Platform Gameplay

Good news for the Microsoft crowd!

Lionhead Studios released today that their newest installment in the Fable franchise will be playable between Windows 10 and Xbox One. This adds Fable Legends to an elite list that I hope continues to grow.


Ladies and gentlemen, Fable Legends.

I’m still waiting for Microsoft to loosen the grip on Fable and allow Sony to partake in the action too, but with every little chance Microsoft can take to one-up Sony…it doesn’t seem likely to ever happen.

Fable Legends will offer an online co-op mode of up to four members to jump into each others games and affect the events. Opposing players could choose to help the hero succeed and bask in his glory, or they could choose to sabotage them…on top of controlling an array of creatures, traps and minions.

Which one will YOU choose?

I’m sure there will be plenty friendships ruined over the loss of a specific quest line perk, or potential romance. So hang on to your hats; it’s going to get fun!

It’s doubtful that Fable Legends is the only game Microsoft will be extending cross platform to as well. Creating an environment where PC gamers and console gamers can coexist mutually would be fantastic from a business perspective and as a gamer.

Until then, we are left waiting for a release date for Fable, and the obvious array of bugs we’ll see with the Windows 10/ Xbox One overlay. Seems pretty interesting though.

Now if only Sony could pen a deal with Nintendo that would allow me to play Pokémon on my PS4.

Ah, daydreams.

I can dream, can’t I?

Anyways, you can check out these cool photos of Fable Legends below:

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4 thoughts on “‘Fable Legends’ Will Offer Cross Platform Gameplay

  1. Every so often you hear of something like this, cross platform gaming that is. Then you think: What an amazing idea, how cool!!! It is however closely followed by: Why the hell did they not think of it earlier!!


    • I would love to see cross platform gameplay extend past Microsoft to Microsoft systems; and on to Sony and Microsoft systems. The Console Wars are all well and good, and create a lot of press and build up to the launch of next generations but reality is most households can barely afford one of these systems. I would love to be able to log in to Diablo 3 and play my friends on other platforms.


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