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The ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Has Finally Arrived

Well, this is fant4tic.

#sorrynotsorry #Ithadtobesaid

Because someone has to comment on this and we all should know Lex’s feelings about FOX (negative, to be kind).

The new Fantastic Four teaser-trailer dropped this morning (you know, the superhero movie no one asked for). Usually, I gloss over whatever io9 reports, especially if I feel particularly apathetic towards the subject at hand. Anyways, as it pertains to the trailer, this general “meh” feeling is about right. The trailer tells you nothing, and somehow, manages to be eerily similar to Interstellar without any of the excitement.

Coming off the heels of io9’s report of FF’s “Cronenbergian” feel, it’s particularly disappointing. I know; I shouldn’t have allowed that to raise my expectations at all, but Josh Trank’s interpretation of ” fantastic” was something I really wanted to get behind:

“People need to refresh their understanding of the English language because “fantastical” means The Fly. These are fantastical things that are befalling real people and the realities we see in our everyday lives. There’s something creepy about the fantastical and there’s something inspiring about the fantastical” (Excerpt from io9; you can find the full article from Collider here).

Cronenberg’s most well-known movie is probably The Fly, though the youths (ha) might know the Baron of Blood as the director of A History of Violence. Also known as the King of Venereal Horror, Cronenberg’s take on the Fantastic Four is something I would like to see–mostly because there is something horrifying about the Fantastic Four’s power-set.

Imagine turning into a more or less sentient rock incapable of physical feeling, shut out from the outside world. Imagine that feeling of stretching too far, just before snapping your ligaments and pulling your bones out of place. Imagine lighting yourself on fire. Imagine being unseen by everyone you know and love, by everyone you hate, without the initial agency to fight back (I could go on analyzing the progression of Sue’s power-set through the decades, but I digress). There’s definitely a Cronengbergian horror somewhere in that story–it’s just not the one Fox’s is likely to deliver.


It’s like they stuck the ‘4’ in the title to remind us to keep our expectations low.

Duly noted.

***Written by guest writer Torbeast***

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Source: i09, Collider

Images From: News24

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