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10 Live-Action and Animated Childhood Crushes

Real talk: Thursday—like 9 times out of 10—is the slowest news day. And as a result, I am usually left to the weird consciousness that is my mind.

Okay, it’s not THAT scary. Damn.

That being said, due to this and due to the fact that I was challenged by some fellow writers, I have decided to address a subject that has been on my mind for a hot minute:

Childhood crushes.

We’ve all got them and most of us look back on them kindly. However, some of us tend to feel a sense of shame when sharing them. Therefore, because I have no shame and because I’m wacky as f*ck, I’m going to go ahead and share some (oh yeah, there’s definitely more, folks) mine.

So, without further ado, I present to you 10 live-action and animated childhood crushes:

1. Tommy Oliver from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers


Obviously, Tommy existed before the word “bae” was a thing, but had it been a thing back then, he would have been branded with the word immediately.

How could you not want this?

Tommy was attractive for several reasons. Not only was he arguably the best power ranger of all time (I stand by that declaration), but his luscious hair and looks alone—that ponytail was seriously the best—could woo the best of them.

2. Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon


It was hard not like Sailor Jupiter. I mean, she was clearly a badass, being part of Sailor Moon’s squad and all. That being said, she had other things going for her too. Her tomboyish allure was—dare I say—super inviting and even Sailor Moon herself said that Jupiter had the tendency to make the best lunches.


A great personality, good looks, and awesome food? Sign me up.

Yes please.

3. Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z


Let us be entirely honest here: If you did not think (Future) Trunks was attractive, you are a damn liar.

Pretty much.

Trunks won a lot of favor with people for an assortment of reasons. Not only was his hair on point, regardless of it being long or short (obviously, I am a fan of a great mane), but he was also RIPPED—as most DBZ characters were—and very, very noble. The fact that he traveled to a time that technically had no bearing on his own just to make sure that they escaped the same fate of their alternate counterparts never failed garner my admiration.

Go ahead, Trunks.

4. Kendrix Morgan from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy


If you were expecting me to include Kimberly from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on this list, you were mistaken.

While everybody was pining after Kimberly, I was beyond captivated by Kendrix. Not only was she brilliant, but she also rock a pair of glasses like nobody’s business.

My anaconda don’t want none unless you got brains, hun.

On top of that, Kendrix was also fearless and selfless. If you are not aware, *SPOILER ALERT*, Kendrix was one of the first and damn near only power rangers to lay their life down in the line of duty and Kendrix did so to save Terra Venture (and also save the powers of Cassie Chan aka the Pink Space Ranger).

She will always be one of my favorites.

5. Jesse Katsopolis from Full House



When I say that Jesse Katsopolis is one of the baddest dudes to ever ficticiously walk the Earth…

Way to vain, lol

Jesse totally had that bad boy thing going for him (complete with a motorcycle and everything!), especially at the debut of Full House. There was that and the fact that he always, always had great hair, even up until the conclusion of the series (that’s not too surprising though, seeing as he was rightfully obsessed with it).

Add that to the fact that he was great with kids (be it with Michelle or Alex and Nicky) and he could sing, and you nearly had the total package.

Have mercy on us, Jesse.

6. Laura Winslow from Family Matters


Honestly, what wasn’t there to like about Laura?

Not only was she smart and beautiful, but she was also funny. Seriously, she never hesitated to go for a good jab or drop a gem of a joke.

Me every time Laura was onscreen.

And let’s be real, anyone who could deal with Steve Urkel—you know, without killing him—is definitely a catch.

7. Inuyasha from Inuyasha


Inuyasha was definitely an asshole. But you know what? He was also a very attractive one.


I’m actually not 100% sure why he was so appealing. Maybe it was that half-demon thing he had going on. I mean, did you ever stop to appreciate his ears (Oh, come on. He was basically just another version of “the bad boy”)?

Other than that, Inuyasha was also a particularly skilled fighter and had no trouble rocking his signature white/silver hair as well as his black mane (the latter of which happened whenever he reverted to a fully mortal form).

8. Bulma from Dragon Ball Z


I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say that Bulma was everybody’s favorite anime/manga crush at one point.

The proof is obviously in this GIF.

Not only was she constantly saving the Z gangs’ asses with her brain and her inventions, but she was also insanely beautiful and even aged better than everybody in the show (especially Chi-Chi. Jesus. Chi-Chi aged weirdly).

On top of that, Bulma—against all odds—was able to maintain some semblance of a relationship with f*cking Vegeta. Think about that. Vegeta was a vain and psychotic murderer at one point (RIP Piccolo’s peeps). Anyone who can accomplish that feat deserves to have someone sing her praises.

9. Yamato “Matt” Ishida from Digimon


I was always more of a Digimon person (versus Pokémon ); so, honestly, I am not surprised that Matt made this list.

Just gonna leave this here in case there are any Digimon bashers out there.

Matt, like Inuyasha, was quite the butthole. All that aside, he had some redemptive qualities too. He had great hair (seriously, he could have fit in the DBZ universe if he wanted to), he was a great big brother to his little brother, TK (and quite protective towards him too), and he eventually became a bass player…which is appealing in itself.

10. Mulan

Fa Mulan

Don’t let her place on this list fool you. Mulan was it (it’s just hard to rank everyone when, you know, everyone is attractive).

Again, this is correct.

Mulan had a lot of things going for her. For starters, she saved China. She was also universally attractive (as both a dude and a chick).

And you know, it didn’t hurt that she was voiced by the equally attractive (and ageless) Ming-Na Wen.


Ow ow ow!

Honorable Mention:

Wally West from Justice League Unlimited


It was hard not to love someone who was as care-free, kind, funny, and easy on the eyes as Wally was (+9000 for being a Ginger).

Plus, the episode where he switched bodies with Lex Luthor (ayyyyye. That’s kind of me, bahaha)—“The Great Brain Robbery”—was gold.

What say you, lovers of the Zoo? Who were some of your childhood crushes? Let me know in the comments below.

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