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5 Spider-Verse Characters That Need To Show Up In The MCU


Spider-Man is finally back where he belong (in the masterful storytelling hands of Marvel). He’s finally been (more or less) freed from the clutches of his Sony captives and has been allowed to join the ranks of Captain America and Iron Man. Does this make us happy? Of course! Does it makes us satisfied and content?

Of course not.

What, did you forget who you’re talking to here? We’re superhero nerds; we’ll never be completely satisfied and content until if Marvel and Star Wars have an epic mash-up film!

patt-star-wars2 (1)

LOL, sike (but actually, that would be way cool).

The point is, no matter how many gifts the nerd world blesses us with, we are always going to want more! And, of course, we’re always going to ask more questions.

So, what are the questions now?

Well besides the obvious “Who will play Spidey?” one, there’s another I find to be a bit more interesting. Who will we be seeing besides Spidey?

Think about it.

It’s not just Spider-Man we’ve got now. Essentially any Spider-Verse (and I don’t mean the comic book storyline) character could appear in the MCU! From Green Goblin to Hobgoblin, they’re all more likely now.

I’m totally serious.

So, who could appear? Well as of now, we don’t know anything; (squat, zilch, nada; we’re completely in the grey here is what I’m getting at)! But, there’s always one thing a guy like me has up his sleeve: speculation! If I can’t get straightforward answers, I’m going to list some of my own. So, here are my “Top 5” choices for Spider-Man characters that NEED to show up in the MCU.

5. Spider-Woman

Spider Woman

Let’s just get the obvious one out of the way. Of course this list was going to contain Spider-Woman! People have been clamoring for the bad-ass S.H.I.E.L.D confidante Jessica Drew since before Spider-Man was confirmed to be part of the MCU. There have been full-length conversations about who truly owns the rights to Spider-Woman (Do they lie with Marvel or Sony? These are the questions that keep me up at night). Well now, that doesn’t matter! Spider-Woman is a definite must-have, especially considering her role in Civil War, which wasn’t as big as Peter Parker’s, but was still quite, quite noticeable.

And for those who are thinking that she’s just the female version of Spider-Man:

You’ve offended me.

Get out.


In all serious, though, she’s not a carbon copy of the Web-slinger! Jessica brings enough of her own powers, gears, and gadgets to the fight! You’ll see this girl hanging with the likes of Black Widow, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), and Mockingbird more than Peter Parker.

4. Gwen Stacy

edge-of-spider-verse-1--100339Gwen Stacy aka Peter’s first love. And incidentally, his first failure as Spider-Man (Uncle Ben was before he donned the mask). Gwen met her untimely end by the hands of Parker himself, as he tried to grab her with a web whip before she hit the ground. The friction and the sudden change in speed caused her to suffer major whiplash, killing her almost instantly. Gwen was, for the longest time, one of those rare comic characters that actually stayed dead. But the most recent ‘Edge of the Spiderverse’ storyline has finally brought her back.

Now, Gwen already died in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but if Coulson and Nick Fury can come back to life, why not Gwen? As an added bonus, they could even have her don her recent “Spider-Gwen” outfit and help Peter save the day. It is unlikely, but it’d be so damn epic!

3. Venom/Carnage

Stuff of nightmares folks. Stuff of GAH I LOOKED AT IT AGAIN!!

Stuff of nightmares folks. Stuff of –GAH, I LOOKED AT IT AGAIN!!

Now, I put these two together on the list because if you’re going to have one, you’ve gotta have the other. If you have Carnage, who is a spawn of the original symbiote, then you need to have already addressed the original symbiote, who happens to be Venom. Sure, you could always stop at Venom and not do Carnage, but where’s the fun in that?

Not to mention, many moons ago, Marvel (or was it Sony?) was planning on having a Venom film, with Venom taking the anti-hero stature he has in the comics and carrying it over to the film. If Marvel/Sony are still thinking about that, then the main villain has got to be Carnage!

Here’s my take: You could introduce Venom in a Spidey film as a villain first, then–way down the road– he comes to his senses and decides to fight bad guys. He’d probably still be killing/eating all sorts of people on the side though.


There ain’t no kicking that habit.

2.Agent Venom

Agent Venom

I know what you’re thinking: “Venom’s already on this list!” Yeah that’s true, but this guy is different! He’s Flash Thompson (former classmate and bully to Peter Parker). After high school, Flash decided to live an honest life and join the army (presumably with all that lunch money he stole, er, saved up over the years). During this time, Flash lost use of his legs and was doomed to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.



Flash was miraculously healed thanks to him being a test subject–aka the most cliché of comic-book professions–in a symbiote program. He was bonded with the symbiote and became the new Venom! Unlike previous Venom incarnations, however, he doesn’t get all mean, vicious, and monster-looking. Instead, he gets powers close to that of Spider-Man’s and dons an awesome black suit!

Tell me something: did you like Winter Soldier? Not just the movie, but the character himself? Well, have you ever looked at Bucky Barnes and thought, “This guy needs more super-power”?

Well, Flash is that guy.

Bless you, Stan Lee. Bless you.

1. Shocker


Isn’t this choice a real…shocker?

Ha! Get it? Because his name is Shocker and his inclusion’s a shock—ah forget it.

Shocker is perhaps one of the most underrated Spider-Man villains ever. He only ever appears as the first boss in Spidey video games or serves as a quick appearance in other forms of media and I never knew why. I mean, this guy can literally take the Earth from under you. With those gloves, he could level a city block in 0.2 seconds! He can cause earthquakes and tsunamis with a snap of a finger! You’re telling me that a guy dressed as World of Warcraft villain, flying around on a pimped-out version of Marty McFly’s hoverboard is ranked higher than him?

That’s right. I went there.

Shocker definitely needs to catch a break. We’ve seen Green Goblin enough times; let’s give Ol’ Shocky a chance, eh?

Honorable Mention: Morbius


I honestly didn’t include Morbius in the top list because I don’t really care if they put him in the MCU or not. But this living vampire villain of Spidey’s gets an honorable mention because of his ability to connect characters. Morbius has not only tussled with Spider-Man, but has also gone toe-to-toe with Blade, Doctor Strange, and Iron Fist. So, if he did appear in the MCU, he’d most likely be a way to get seamlessly connect this aforementioned characters.

And there you have it!

Did you agree with any of the above choices? Let me know in the comments below!

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