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Toy Review: S.H.Figuarts’ Dragon Ball Z Broly Action Figure


Photos by Rick Dom of A.C.B.A

S.H.Figuarts has made some very impressive figures. From Sailor Moon to Kamen Rider, they have produced action figure series for a lot of big names in Japanese pop culture. One of the best series has to be their Dragon Ball Z line. While it has been one of the most popular anime series of the last 30 years, it has probably also been the most popular anime series in America since the early ’90s. This toy line has taken up a life of its own, as far as imports go. The DBZ line is the first ever Japanese-run and Japanese-made toy line…which is almost entirely driven by the American market and demand for these figures. Having started the series with their most iconic characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and classic villains like final form Frieza and Perfect Cell, Figuarts brings us the first DBZ figure that was never in the main television series.

The main villain of three Dragon Ball Z films:

Broly (the Legendary Super Saiyan).


Coming from a warrior race of Saiyans at the brink of their culture’s destruction, Broly was born with a natural power level higher than many elite Saiyan warriors. It made him unstable from the beginning, with the ability to increase his power level infinitely. Being born at the same time as main character Goku, he has hazy memories of their birth. There mere sight or sound of Goku drives Broly into an unstoppable, murderous frenzy. In his first appearance, the psychopathic Super Saiyan killed his own father, Paragus, and beat five of the series’ main characters, proving to be a galactic threat to lives everywhere.

photo 1unnamed

With 32 points of articulation, he moves amazingly. The front flaps of his clothes move out of the way to accommodate the range of motion for his legs. The back piece doesn’t move–which gets in the way–but it’s only a minor annoyance. For the largest figure in a 6 inch scale, I was shocked that his massive body had almost no hindrance for possibility. These things are almost universally expected of Figuarts, but there is a brilliant, new joint design for the neck; a dual ball joint allows the head maximum movement, even with the Z fighter’s ridiculous signature hair.

photo 4

The accessories are pretty good and are listed as follows:

1. Three different pairs of hands (fist, grabbing, blasting).

2. Three different faces (one smirking face, one serious face, one screaming face). 3 energy balls with white tips to help simulate a glowing effect.

3. Three energy balls with white tips to help simulate a glowing effect.

The sculpting is also fantastic! The very heavy figure has his weight distributed so well that he can actually balance on one foot. His arms are the lightest, making posing much easier than expected, but simultaneously remains  size appropriate. Broly is by far the biggest figure the DBZ series has made, towering over the second biggest, Perfect Cell. The details are amazing. His necklace is a separate piece added on top of his chest, but kept down to not be lost. The Gauntlets, boots, belts, and even the folds of his pants were not overlooked when being sculpted, capturing an outstanding attention to detail.

But actually.

unnamed (1)

There is so much painstaking detail given to the figure. There are hints of green paint in the edges of his hair to mimic the movie accurate green aura, unique only to Broly. A great metallic finish is included on the previously mentioned boots, belt, and gauntlets, (including a blue paint job on the gems). It could most certainly pass as a glass figure at first glance. The shading on the skin and the shades of the folds of the clothes really help to bring out the details of the sculpt. You can truly see the effort the artists have given the figure.

unnamed (2)

This is an absolute buy! With the retail at $79.99, the figure has been sold out in most online shops. Even store distribution sources have sold out, leading to resellers having him marked up as high as $180. The series is overall a great collection to try getting and owning. In the very least, your favorite character (Piccolo!) is a must for any DBZ fan.

With love,

Uncle J

Images From: Rick Dom of A.C.B.A, S.H.Figuarts, Dragon Ball Z Wiki, Shechive.wordpress.com

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