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The “New Black” Movement Needs to STOP!

Every once in a while, I like to come back to the Zoo with something meaningful and thought-provoking. In my world, that usually focuses on the Black race and the problems that we face. Because as much as people would like to ignore it, there are way too many Black issues going on in the world right now for me personally to ignore them. I cannot, in all good faith, turn my back on my people, and continue to live my life as though there isn’t a problem.

Listen up, folks.

You want to know our biggest problem, right now? Well, let’s look at this “New Black” movement. Or “New Black” bullsh*t, as I like to think of it. Celebrities like Raven-Symone, Pharrell, and  Common are some of the biggest names in this “righteous” movement (that apparently centers around Black people taking responsibility and no longer playing the “victim”).

Let me tell you why I have SO many problems with this crap:

What the hell is “New Black”? What’s wrong with “Old Black”? 

My first problem with this ridiculous new movement is the name. For Black people to start a new movement, separate themselves from the community, and call themselves the “New Black” suggests that there is an “Old Black”–an outdated Black, an uncivilised Black, and that the community is in need of re-defining and re-imagining itself.

It presents itself as superior to the “Old” Black (i.e anyone with a brain cell, who’s ACTUALLY down for Black people and uplifting the community rather than putting it down), having risen up from the depths of the community to sit atop of their self-made thrones. These people knowingly perpetuate the problem. Sitting so high on their pedestal, their heads just about reach the almighty ass of White supremacy. And it is there that they feel safe. In no longer playing the “victim” (you know, like the “Old” Blacks) or “blaming other races for our issues” (again, like the “Old” Blacks), they can “extend a hand of love” (Common’s got it covered ya’ll–this one’s a part of his master plan to end racism) and presumably prosper because they keep their ignorant minds oblivious to any actual issues in the community.

Yup. It’s that nonsensical.

From an “Old Black” to the “New Blacks”:

You are NOT helping anybody with your foolishness and insistence on ignoring the problem. Have several seats, in several cities, across multiple countries and continents. Your “New Black” is doing NOTHING for us or yourselves.

Forget Slavery. Put the past behind you and move on. Stop clinging to the past.

This is a common argument from “New Blacks” – that Black people need to “forget” slavery, “put it behind us”, “move on”, “it’s over”, “it never happened to you directly, why you mad?”

I’m mad because whilst you sit on your throne, your lips touching the ass of White supremacy, you have the nerve to turn around, look down on the community and tell us to “forget” our history. To put it behind us, as though it never happened, and “move on”. You have the nerve to tell us this–your own people–as though choosing to forget who we are, where we came from, how we got here, and what happened to our ancestors, will somehow help us. As though ignoring our history, being oblivious of our roots, and forgetting our culture, is going to help us prosper.

As though losing our identities and giving into White supremacy, is going to help us rise to the top (like you, on your righteous thrones).

Newsflash: We have no desire to join you in kissing the ass of White supremacy. We have no desire to join you in forgetting who we are. We have no desire to join you in forgetting our roots and in slandering our ancestors memory by “putting it behind us”. We are here because we were bought and sold like cattle. Uprooted from our homes and families, beaten, tortured, raped and murdered, and you want us to forget ALL of that so we can sprint over and sign up to the “New Black” squad?

I wonder how many “Ls” I can fit into “Hell no”. Hmm.

From an “Old Black” to the “New Blacks”:

NO. I will not forget my history. I will not put it behind me. I will not ignore the reason I am here. I will not ignore the problem and forget what happened to MY people just so that I may fit into your master plan to become a slave to White supremacy. My ancestors didn’t go through all that so that I could forget them and their struggles and succumb to the White man.

Black people need to take responsibility. Stop blaming other people/races/higher power.

This is the one that infuriates me the most. Black people need to take responsibility.

Black people NEED to take responsibility.

Black people need to take RESPONSIBILITY.


Get out of my face with this bull.

What exactly do you want us to take responsibility for? As a race, all we have tried to do is SURVIVE–a constant struggle for us no matter what goddamn country you’re in. If it’s not other races putting us down, it’s stupidity in our own community (you #TeamLightSkin, #TeamDarkSkin b*tches, I’m looking at you) bringing us down, because we STILL haven’t learned to work together as a unified unit.

And as for you and your “New Black” mentality, (you and your taking responsibility for God knows what, you and your forgetting the past, you and your extending a hand of love, when White supremacy is waiting for you with a closed fist), YOU ARE PERPETUATING THE PROBLEM!

You and your rising up to put yourself on a pedestal and identify as different kind of Black, (a “better” kind of Black, a “New” kind of Black), are not taking responsibility for the problem that YOU are perpetuating. We are not the problem. Stereotypes, racial profiling, ignorance, racism, White supremacy, and “New Black” are the problem.

Pharrell, when you identify as “New Black”, you’re perpetuating the problem. Common, when you encourage Black people to take responsibility and extend a hand of love, you are perpetuating the problem. Raven, when you defend openly racist comments, you are perpetuating the problem. I could continue this list, but we’ve lost so many Black celebrities to this farce of a movement that I’d be here for days.

We can only help and support those that want to help and support us. We can only uplift those who wish to uplift the race. The further “New Black” you go, the closer to White Supremacy you get, and the further away from your roots and your people you end up.

From an “Old Black” to a “New Black”, when you opt for “New Black”, you opt out of Black. And when you opt out of Black, don’t expect our support.


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5 thoughts on “The “New Black” Movement Needs to STOP!

  1. This isn’t new. There’s an old word for it : Uncle Tom. Black people who think, if they extend the hand of love to their oppressors, they’ll be spared the indignities that the rest of us, the less respectable ones, face. Maybe they’re suffering form Stockholm Syndrome?

    Also, ain’t nobody on that slavery thing. We ain’t mad about that. We are mad about the stuff White supremacy has done to us in just this lifetime of the past 60, 70 years, and in the past year, month, 24 hours. We got plenty to be angry about outside of slavery. Slavery is just a stepping stone to distrust.

    It’s amazing to me that the people crying the loudest about how Black people need to be responsible are the ones least likely to take responsibility for any of their s**** y behavior and blame their victims. Gays, Blacks, women, Latinos, Native Americans only need to be bitten one damn time to figure out its best to keep their hands, and their love, to themselves.

    We’ve shown plenty of love. You know how I know we’ve shown so much love to White supremacists. Most of them haven’t been poisoned in their sleep.

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