Midnight At The Zoo: Giveaway Winner!

The Midnight At The Zoo Giveaway has reached an end.

We had many entries and for that we want to thank you, but there can only be one winner.

And that winner is…

Kenneth Helmick of West Virginia

Just…because okay…

I’m also going to throw in a random shout out to my Rhode Island peoples, I see you living in Warwick! I don’t really know you, but keep doing what you’re doing.

And for all readers of the Zoo, we have many more giveaways for you to be a part of.

Make sure to check our Giveaway tab for any giveaways we may be running. You also have the choice of signing up for “Giveaway Alerts”, which is a newer feature we decided to put up where pretty much the moment a new giveaway or contest is up on the site, you’ll know about it.

Swear we won’t spam you, we are far too lazy for that. We promise to only call upon you whenever we have free sh*t to give out. So, go do that right now. You know you want to. 




Sound off!

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