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Daredevil T.V. Series: Season 1 Viewer Reactions

After procrastinating super hard and eating all of the Nutella. I have finally done it…watching all of Netflix Daredevil. For all of the sleep and process time lost, it was worth it. I’m telling you I had to pace myself, limiting it to two hours daily anymore than that and I would have transformed in Riff Raff from Rocky Horror. 

Before, we get started I want to point out that for those who may not know Daredevil will be getting a second season.

And Lex is gearing up -and by that I mean, it’s already finished- to drop a hardcore Season 1 review. So you’ll have that to look forward to.

Usually, Lex and I would watch new stuff or Netflix binge new series at my (parents’) house where the large T.V. lives. Since we can’t, because of the Mordor level distance, we did what most people do. We took it to Facebook chat.

Of course, I had to cut down the convo where we got wholly of topic, which was a lot, or we would have an hour long conversation of hot mess for you to read. And for the sake of the upcoming review (and sparing you from all of the redundancy in the world) we tried kept our responses very brief.

From here on out, there’ll be spoilers; be warned.

Sorry, it must be done.

  •  Initial thoughts after episode one…

Aj Icon

Five minutes in and it’s already better than the crap version Ben Affleck was in.



Lex IconIf this is of DD, Well fucking done. Plot is engaging and we get introduced to key players ASAP. No bs.



  • When did you know (in this episode) that the series was gonna be good?


Lex IconFirst 10 minutes.



Aj IconI already kind of answered. Legitimately, it’s that good. The opening though…still better than the entire Affleck movie.



  • Your favorite moment in the episode?

Lex IconOh sh*t. Thats a hard one. Probably when Matt and Foggy nonchalantly tell Karen that they’ve been lawyers for ~20 minutes. I died.



Aj IconMine, which isn’t even a concrete moment in the series, is when I realized that the MCU and this [are] in the same universe. I always wondered what the aftermath had to be like after the whole “Loki in New York” thing.


Lex IconTrue. I agree. Leland makes a GREAT comment about it I think. And it didn’t come off as heavy-handed.



Aj IconThat’s the thing, none it did. The series does what most others don’t or refuse to do…make sense.



Lex IconThank you showrunners. Jesus. I had next to no faith after AOS [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.]. 


  • What was, in your opinion, the most pivotal episode plot-wise in the season?

This pivotal moment

Lex Icon Hmmm. That’s a tough one. Let me see. Probably when Wilson outs himself before Ben does and pins ALL OF THE THINGS on Matt. Either that or when Foggy finds out the truth.


Aj Icon…Whenever Wesley died. That was it for me. So whichever episode that was, I pick that one. Immediately after Fisk began to lose all of his sh*t.






Aj IconTo me that moment by itself almost trumped Phil dying.



Lex Icon Damn.




  • What about the season finale?

Lex IconDamn near perf. I was still mad about Ben though.



Aj Icon
Literally, I had no idea it was the finale. So I was like the f*ck, Wilson got captured but there’s 20 minutes left. And Matt is still rolling around here with his DD: Year Zero outfit on, taking all of the shankings and Ls. It was to the point where Melvin had to come through because Matt was so going to die.




  • Lastly, let’s bring up the characters…any standouts?

Lex IconDefinitely Wesley. Karen too, as I was not expecting that at all. But yeah, Karen is forever in peril in Daredevil comics. It was cool having her be proactive and sh*t.


Aj Icon

 Karen was in True Blood so I knew it was real. Fisk was everything. The slow asthmatic “are you sure your okay, sir” breathing (when Netflix’s closed captioning is 50% ellipses dude) and imposing stature and physical presence. And then the back story episodes. They had me question the lady (Vanessa) more than I was questioning him.

Come back to check out the upcoming season one review!

What did you think of the show? Leave your comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Daredevil T.V. Series: Season 1 Viewer Reactions

  1. Great review. Pointed out some things I missed in my character review. I did find myself liking Wesley. I kept wondering about his backstory and his loyalty.

    Marvel is totally on point with their s***. They just keep putting those hits out there although admittedly, topping that DD movie was a low bar.

    Know what needs to happen,y’all?

    Reboot the Blade series. We got Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Daredevil and the upcoming Dr. Strange. So yeah, I think Blade needs a redo.

    Liked by 1 person

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