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Drag Me Back To Hell: What Should We Expect From Daredevil Season 2?

***Originally published on Moviepilot***

May contain spoilers. Proceed with caution.

By now, you’ve probably seen the trailer for the upcoming season of Daredevil, courtesy of NYCC.

And by trailer, I mean teaser trailer.

And by teaser trailer, I mean mostly a trailer for season one with, like, maybe a minute of new footage on it.

Welp. No shade though.

Still the prospect of new footage of any kind is in very, very exciting. So if you haven’t checked out the trailer, you should do so now below.

Anyways, the new footage gives us our first glimpses at Jon Bernthal’s Punisher and Elodie Yung’s Elektra. While I’m super hype about the introduction and incorporation of both of their characters, I got to thinking:

What should we expect from Daredevil this season?

The short answer to that question is that I don’t know.

Still, curiosity is the name of the game when following these Marvel projects and my curiosity has driven me to come up with various theories if you will (more like guided speculation, but you get me) which is as follows:

There Can Only Be One

Patrick Brown Art

Art by Patrick Brown

Coming off of season one, we all know that Matt and co. will be dealing with some SH*T. On top of them still reeling from Ben’s death and experiencing general fatigue of trying to save their city from Fisk and his super-la-ultra-mega gentrification plan, they will also have to deal with the power vacuum that his imprisonment has caused.

To elaborate, we know that prior to his arrest, Fisk had his hand in everything and was calling all the shots. Now that he is behind bars, I have no doubts that many a criminal, be they big-time or small-time, will be falling all over themselves to fill the gap.

I have a few suspects when it comes to who I think may rise above the indiscernible rest:

– The Owl


Though Leland Owlsley was offed last season due to him double-crossing Fisk, Daredevil writers took special care to make sure that they mentioned that he had a son multiple times.

Leland’s son (I’m going to be referring to him as Junior from here on out) could make an appearance in Hell’s Kitchen in order to avenge his father. Part of this will to do so probably comes from the mysterious circumstances surrounding his father’s death. I doubt that the general public knows that Fisk murdered Leland. In fact, my theory here is that after Leland was murdered, his death was either dismissed or covered up as a suicide. It wouldn’t have been too hard to pull off due to Fisk’s influence. The writers could even throw in some sh*t about Leland’s sketchy business practices, some evidence of tax evasion and other crooked business deals (maybe even some involvement on the IRS’s part) and it would not be hard to convince most that Leland committed suicide because the walls were closing in and because the law was catching up to him.

Of course, Junior would not believe this and in his effort to clear his father’s name, he would probably build his own crime ring and go after Daredevil because he blames him for all of his woes. Because people always do. They always find a way. Daredevil could be in Antarctica and somehow, someone would find a way to blame him for some random happening in Hell’s Kitchen.

Is it fair? Nah. But does it happen anyway? Yeah.



Still, there is the issue of whether or not they’d be incorporating Junior’s/The Owl’s superpowers this time around. Comic lore dictates that The Owl will eventually invest in some unstable ass serum that will grant him the lite version of the flying brick package (gliding, leaping, enhanced endurance, enhanced senses, etc) along with some other freaky add-ons (which included being able to rotate his head 180 degrees, moving his eyes independently of one another, and granting him the appearance of an owl with things like talons and fangs).

Personally, if Junior is involved in this season at all, I think they’ll wait to give him all these superpowered abilities in Arrow fashion. Meaning, they’d probably introduce him this season, chronicle all his criminal activities and eventual failure and then bring him back during a later season where he’ll have a huge hankering for revenge and will stop at no means to attain it (hence the eventual experimentation with that serum).

Big Man and The Enforcers


The Enforcers are a squad of extortionists and hired killers who are at the beck and call of virtually anyone person who has an influence in New York’s criminal element. Most notably, however, the group has been employed by Big Man aka Frederick Foswell. Canon had Foswell working as a reporter for the Daily Bugle for a minute, but since that was re-imagined as the New York Bulletin in the series, I guess that would be his updated place of work.

He’s my second suspect by the pure virtue of leading a double life as a reporter/a crime boss AND not fitting the stereotypical view of what a crime boss should look like. Double lives are always an interesting thing to explore—especially when they are on opposite sides of the law—but I’m really interested in his look. Foswell is known for sporting a rather petite frame and he is also very frail. This is so noticeable that when he’s doing his crime boss stuff, he hides it by wearing a mask, a frame-devouring coat, and huge platform boots. The latter is pretty humorous considering the time period now, but I could imagine the writers updating his look with items from this decade.

The additional appeal would be the potential to include ties to Spider-Man. While I still don’t know Marvel’s plans on how they intend to incorporate him in the universe besides inklings about Civil War, it is worth noting that both Big Man and the Enforcers butt heads with Peter A LOT and that Peter and Foswell end up teaming up from time-to-time on newspaper assignments. Foswell’s squad of enforcers also end up working for Norman Osborn at some point, so that’s a thing.

Basically, I’m saying he’d be a good way to tie together Daredevil and Spider-Man lore in the Netflix series since they often crossover anyways.

– Crime Wave (Hollis)


In the comics, Mason Hollis served as ADA to Foggy Nelson, who was DA at the time. He later went on to assume the role of leader of a widespread criminal organization based in Manhattan. His nefarious plans were eventually thwarted by Daredevil and he was de-masked by his superior, Foggy.

Obviously, Foggy and Matt are still on their come up grind, so I don’t know about this DA/ADA business manifesting in the series. Still, if the writers wanted to go a similar route, they could just up Mason to DA (because there was no mention of who was DA last season) and have him be a mentor/friend/old friend to Foggy. You could still keep the rest of the storyline and still have Foggy be the one to de-mask him later, retaining that emotional punch.

– Death’s Head (Dr. Paxton Page)


Season one was very clear about hinting that Karen Page had an ultra sketchy background and what better way to address this by bringing in her supervillain father, perfecter of the cobalt bomb?

I don’t know how the writers would go about rendering him (with his radioactive costume and all), but they could explain that Karen moved to Hell’s Kitchen to either escape her father or investigate his initial disappearance like the comics. Just a thought.

A Tale Of Two Vigilantes

With Hell’s Kitchen constantly being up for grabs by various crime organizations, it makes sense that Matt would continue his extracurricular, vigilante activities as a way to contain the situation. That said, this would also be the perfect time for Matt to find out that he is not the ONLY vigilante in the city.

This is where Frank Castle aka the Punisher would make his entrance.

Frank has a SPECIFIC beef with the city’s criminal element due to the deaths of his wife and their two kids (who were originally gunned down by the mob during a shootout in Central Park and who he eventually avenged in merciless style).


I don’t know how much the writers want to stick to his original story but if they were up for tweaking it to fit the series, an easy way that would be to:

A. Reference that his family died in the “Russian” bombings.

B. Reference that his family was a casualty in Fisk’s bid to super-la-ultra-mega gentrify Hell’s Kitchen by way of evicting anyone and everyone out of their apartments by FORCE (much like Elena).

The former (A) has potential in that SO MUCH happened the night of the bombings and there were plenty of casualties that occurred as a result too. It might be really easy to just count his family among the night’s casualties (obviously, the writers would have to find a way to make it more tragic than that, but you get me).

The latter (B) has a bit more potential if the writers were planning on keeping the whole “gunned down” thing that happens to his family. Just like Elena was taken out due to her open defiance of Fisk and her unwillingness to vacate the apartment complex she was in, they could have a similar thing happen with Frank and his family. Frank and his wife could have similar convictions like Elena and then pay for those convictions dearly in some flashback where Fisk hires some goons to feign a robbery/home invasion where they gun everyone down (save Frank). Leaving Frank alive could have been some cruel attempt to leave him as “an example”…which would bite the goons in the ass later when Frank eventually seeks revenge and kills them all before launching his crusade against crime.

Admittedly, I’m a bit more attached to B because it would show his progression from idealistic, good guy to the pragmatic, cold-blooded killer that he is known as. It would also have the potential to mirror the inherent struggle and difference between Matt and Frank.

Mark Lynch of Vavel explains their rivalry like this:

Frank Castle doesn’t bring people to the police station to be tried by the law. He is aware that some people are just too power and their influence will get them out of jail and back on the streets in no time. So what does Frank Castle do? He gathers enough evidence to make absolutely sure that they are guilty, goes in, and kills them. No judge, no jury, no trial. Punisher is all of those and executioner.

Matt Murdock has a major problem with that.

Regardless of Matt Murdock’s secret life as Daredevil, he does his best to keep his faith in the justice system. Being a lawyer, he took an oath to uphold the law and support the constitution. Matt Murdock is also Catholic. So those are the two main reasons why Daredevil abhors everything that Frank Castle has done. What happened to Frank Castle and is well documented and Murdock sympathizes with everything that Castle has gone through and has even offered to defend him in court and get him the help he needs to get over his loss.

From The Punisher’s perspective, Daredevil is just a clown in a red suit. Punisher knows that Daredevil means well and that he is one of the good guys and Hell’s Kitchen’s protector, but he still thinks that Daredevil is a joke. Punisher believes that the only way for the criminals of the world to be put down is for good. He has seen how criminals literally get away with murder and believes with all of his heart that killing them is the only way to stop them. Castle has even admitted that he knows that he is a mass murderer. He has stated that when he finishes killing all of those who deserve it, that there will be one more bullet to settle all accounts.

Basically saying that when all is said and done, he knows he has to go down too.

Like Lynch’s quote above details, Frank and Matt are constantly at odds because of their ideological differences. Whereas Matt faced his share of bullsh*t and tragedy in season one (and over the course of his life, to be honest), Matt was prevented from crossing THE line on several occasions due principally to his friends and his faith. However, Matt is going to learn the hard way via Frank that not everyone deals with tragedy in the same way.

Some people crack under that pressure. Some people have no problem crossing the line.


Moving on, a great way to highlight Matt and Frank’s constant struggle would probably be a straight up adaptation of Frank Miller and Roger McKenzie’s “Child’s Play” (Daredevil #183 – 184 [1982]) following the introduction of Frank’s back-story and the initial power vacuum conflict.

“Child’s Play” covers the story of the two deciding how they are going to address a PCP dealer who is the direct cause of a little girl’s death. Daredevil wants to go the clean route and let the dude answer to our (flawed) justice system. Frank is like “f*ck that” and wants the dude to die the most painful death that he can concoct in his mind (and has Frank’s mind is pretty f*cked, it has got to be exceedingly painful). Obviously, they eventually disagree on how the PCP dealer should answer for his crimes and this sets off a fight between them for the ages.

Whatever ends up happening, it is pretty clear that the two of them will not be the same. And neither will Hell’s Kitchen.

We Meet Again


By now, you have probably noticed a disturbing lack of Elektra in this post. But not to worry. I saved the best for last.

While a lot of people have been wondering how Elektra could possibly be showing up in this upcoming season, I think her upcoming appearance makes complete sense if we revisit the case of Nobu.

Nobu was clearly connected to The Hand somehow (either their leader or someone else who was high in rank), and as fans of both Daredevil and Elektra know, The Hand is not too be trifled with. At all. And since Nobu technically fell at the hand (heyoooooo) of Daredevil, you better believe that the assassin group has a score to settle with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Elektra could magically appear alongside The Hand and since the series presumably left an Easter egg for her entrance in the first season (re: the girl in that Greek Class that Matt really liked), it wouldn’t be coming from left-field. Her appearance could be explained in such a way that wouldn’t even put her in direct connection with The Hand. Like, maybe the writers could say that she was visiting a friend in town or something and the two would probably rekindle any romance that was ignited in law school.

And since we all know what part of his body that Matt thinks with when he is in the midst of alluringly bad-ass women (read: his dick), Matt wouldn’t twice about asking any follow-up questions.

Matt, you gotta do better bruh bruh

Which would make the ultimate reveal of Elektra being a part of the Hand that much more exciting.

In addition to that, the introduction of Elektra and The Hand to the developing story could have a huge impact on Frank and Matt’s contentious relationship. In fact, I would be willing to be that the two will presumably have to put their differences aside in order to prevent The Hand from raining down pure hell-fire and brimstone (heyoooo) on Hell’s Kitchen as they avenge Nobu and their honor.

Annnnnnnnnnd those are my theories on what we should expect from Daredevil’s upcoming, sophomore season.

What say you, Lovers of the Zoo? What are you expecting in this upcoming season of Daredevil? Let me know in the comments below!

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Images From: Screenrant.com, Wikipedia.org, Marvel Database, Comicvine.com, Patrick Brown, Giphy.com, Tumblr, DenGeeks.us

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