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12 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Flash’s Second Season Thus Far

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***Caution: Spoilers Ahead***

For about three weeks, I was behind in regards to my TV habits because school was threatening to take away everything I know and I love (i.e. sleep, but you get me). Yesterday, however, I finally got a chance to catch up on The Flash and let me tell you, I am glad I did.

So far, The Flash has been able to cleverly avoid falling into the infamous “sophomore slump” and I myself noticed that its episodes are much tighter this time around in regards to managing time on certain characters and story-lines. Granted, there are people I would like to see more of, but so far, so good.

Still, with me being only three episodes in, I couldn’t help but wonder out loud about what exactly I was seeing and what I thought might happen next. So, without further ado, here are twelve thoughts I had while watching The Flash’s second season thus far:

1. The opening sequence of the premiere episode was phenomenal.

Screenshot 2015-10-22 18.02.59

Eddie, wtf? What are you doing here?!?!

Despite the fact that I had seen the season finale at least 3000 times before finally watching season two’s premiere, Andrew Kreisberg and his team STILL almost got my ass with that wonderfully crafted opening sequence.

To explain, the episode opens with Barry and Ronnie stopping Captain Cold and Heat Wave before they return to Star Labs and celebrate with their team like normal. At first I was like, “oh, so everything is chill and back to business as usual. I like this. Nothing terrible happ—”

AND then I saw Eddie and Wells and was like “aw hell naw, I’ve been bamboozled”.

This was literally me after the opening sequence.

This was literally me after the opening sequence.

It was a great, great way to open the season. Bravo, Flash writers. Bravo.

2. Who is Zoom?


Granted, a quick Google search will tell me that Zoom is Hunter Zolomon, the third Reverse-Flash (after Eobard Thawne) who is famous for being Wally West’s nemesis. Dude was initially crippled by Well’s old pal, Gorilla Grodd, before being granted superpowers due to Star Lab’s favorite treadmill.

All of this already sounds pretty legit.

However, based on Jay’s description of the dude alone (“He has a face of death”), I’m wondering if the show will seek the shake that up or at least put an interesting twist on it like they did with their previous Big Bad reveal in Wells/Eobard Thawne.

3. What on Earth is going on with Dr. Stein?

If you’ve been keeping up with the last couple of episodes, then you know that Dr. Stein has turned into a narcoleptic and can’t stay on his feet for sh*t anymore.

In all seriousness, while Stein isn’t in fact a narcoleptic, there does seem to be something very, very wrong, as his blood pressure fluctuates between being very high or very low and his body has attempted to “flame on” on multiple occasions (without his consent) prior to his strange blackouts.


Could it be that Ronnie is still somewhere in there? That he isn’t dead?

4. Related: Is Ronnie really “dead” or nah?

While the premiere episode showed Ronnie dying—ONCE AGAIN—in sacrificial fashion in order to prevent Barry from dying within the singularity and to prevent the city from getting swallowed up in it, I can’t help but be skeptical.

On top of the fact that Ronnie’s actor—Robbie Amell—recently said some cryptic sh*t about “that not being the last we’ll see of Ronnie”, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be featured in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in some capacity. I think it would be a missed opportunity if they didn’t feature him at all…especially since his effects (and the special effects of the show at large) have gotten waaaaaay better.

5. Related: The special effects are FIRE this season.


Get it? Fire? Because Ronnie is—oh nevermind.

Whatever, whatever. I know I’m funny.

Anyhow, I’m really impressed with the special effects this season. While last season struggled with trying to get certain gas/smoke/other effects nailed down (with the exception of the EXCELLENTLY designed Grodd), this season has seen an array of amazing effects and action sequences (sans the rubber/radiation guy from episode 1).

One really great example that immediately comes to mind is that moment in episode 2 when Barry and Jay Garrick team up to take Sandman—I mean Sand Demon—down. Not only does Sand Demon’s sand effects (which we learn isn’t even sand, but I digress) look really good, but Barry—with Jay’s training—delivers a Hadouken (read: lightning blast, but Hadouken just sounds so much cooler) that looks like it was cut straight out of a comic book.


It was great and the special effects team should be very proud.

6. Why does this plot-line with Iris’s mom feel like it was ripped straight outta Diary of a Mad Black Woman?


On the plus side, I’m reaaaaallllllllyyyy glad The Flash is moving away from Arrow territory in that they are having everyone on the team keep it completely 100 with each other (sans Cisco). I couldn’t take any more “I’m lying to protect you even though I can’t really protect you” bullsh*t; so I’m glad that that has been put to rest.

To elaborate, Joe ends up telling Iris that her mom is alive and in town and proceeds to keep it 100 and explain why exactly he did not inform her in the first place. It is a touching moment and they both come to a mutual understanding about Iris’s mom.

On the flip side, however, I had some mad Tyler Perry vibes when Joe started explaining what happened. That said, they handled it fairly okay these last few episodes so I’m not too worried.

7. Should I hate Patty Spivot now or later?


Patty Spivot gives me some major Felicity vibes and her New 52 background isn’t exactly reassuring. I mean, I do think she is brilliant and highly resourceful, but my formerly, main, homieskilletbiscuit Felicity was all of those things too until season 3 of Arrow decide to tweak that and fix something that wasn’t necessarily broken.

Still, I think she’s cool so far, but something about her does feel off. For example, she always randomly seems to be at the right place at the right time (re: taking out Sand Demon’s doppelgänger) and Comic Book Lore 101 tells me that that means she is SUSPECT.

I don’t trust her. I don’t trust her at all.

8. So, Jay is pretty attractive.


During the off-season, I did, in fact, keep up with The Flash news so I was aware of Teddy Sears being cast as Jay prior to the season opener. That still did not prepare me for what he looked like up close.

Or, conversely, what he would look like with his shirt off.


To whoever does the casting for this show, you da real MVP.

9. Related: Caitlin seems to agree with me.

The Flash --

Caitlin is so thirsty y’all and I love it!


In all seriousness, Caitlin has eyes on The Crimson Comet and not only do I cosign her tastes but I also think she deserves some great eye candy (or even a potential relationship) in her life. I mean, while I don’t know how it feels to lose the same person TWICE, I imagine that it feels kind of lonely some days.

And I’m thinking that Jay would prove to be a welcome distraction.

Hence, I shall commence in shipping them. Hard.

I wonder what a good ship name would be. Jaitlin? Cay? Snowjay? I’m sh*t at this, someone help.

10. Shipping aside, I am a fan of this brother-mentor relationship between Jay and Barry.


When Jay first arrived, I was worried that Barry was going to go all Douchie Oliver Queen™ on him and turn him into an unnecessary rival because of the baggage he’s still carrying over Wells. And for a while, that’s what happened. Barry was acting a little too buck with Jay and I found that annoying. However, Jay—while annoyed—took it in stride and Barry would later apologize and squash the beef.


With their beef aside, Jay and Barry’s initially contentious relationship morphed into that of a brother-to-brother/mentor-to-mentee one and I gotta say that I am 100% here for it. We’ve already seen Barry trying to deal with multiple familial dynamics—most notably the father/son dynamic with Wells, Joe, AND Henry—but we have had yet to see Barry deal with this type of dynamic, where he and Jay are on par with each other.

I like it a lot and I’m very interested in what the writers do with it for the rest of the season.

11. 52 breaches? I peeped that reference.


Around episode 2, I believe, Dr. Stein explains that the one singularity that Barry and his squad caused created a chain of events that opened up 52 breaches in their dimension. Said breaches serve as doors to other Earth’s or multiverses, one from which Jay himself comes from.

I should have been impressed merely by the way they explained and introduced the possibility of DC’s multiverses, but I was really stuck on that nice “52” reference.


I am in fact easily excitable.


12. Wells is back. Should I be worried?


At the end of episode 3, Wells somehow found a way back from the hell that he was probably in—I’m trying to remember DC’s version of hell, but since I’m blanking…—and stepped out of one of the breaches…and into Star Labs.

Oh sh*t.

Part of me wanted this to be some other Earth’s Good Guy™ version of Wells, but seeing as he slinked out of that freakin’ portal like he was covered in the blood of 1000 Central City citizens, I am inclined to say that, yes, Wells is in fact here for nefarious purposes. And yes, I am worried.

We should all be worried, to be quite, quite honest.

All of that said, however, this season of The Flash is off to a tremendously great start and I am very excited for what’s to come. In order to express this excitement in, I actually plan on continuing this “thought” series through the end of the season (which will probably be in the vein of “more thoughts” and “final thoughts”), as it is proving to be a great way to unpack all the questions that may crop up along the way.

Also, don’t be afraid to chime in with thoughts and questions of your own, lovers of the Zoo, because something tells me that we will have A LOT of them this season.

What say you? What are your thoughts on The Flash’s second season thus far? Let me know in the comments below!

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