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12 Thoughts On That ‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer

***Originally posted on Moviepilot***

***Caution: Spoilers Ahead***

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last three days, you have probably seen the newest Jessica Jones trailer. Still, if you were unlucky enough to miss its initial release hype train, I’ve got you covered:

I know.


*trying not to cry*

All that excitement aside (seriously, that was is like the 9998765437384236th time I had watched that trailer), I DID have some questions while watching the new trailer and they are as stated below:

1. Why does it look like Jessica is about to drop the most fire mixtape of all time?

Screenshot 2015-10-25 12.59.20

Before I comment on the meaty, more dramatic parts of the trailer, I gotta talk about the damn near iconic pose that Jessica takes toward the end of the trailer, as she’s plotting ways that she’s going to take Killgrave down.

For a few seconds, I thought I was the only one to peep the humorous connection, but then I caught wind of some of my tweets observing the same thing:

Any bets on what she’s going to call it? My top three predictions would have to be:

Life After Killgrave

Nothing Was The Same (After Killgrave)

The Jessica Jones LP

Y’all wanna chime in on this or nah?

Good luck lol

2. Related: Holy sh*t. Killgrave is scary.

Screenshot 2015-10-25 13.03.45

Based on the Alias series alone, the history of Purple Man, and the fact that Marvel/Netflix that drafted Dave Tennant to play this twisted summab*tch, I fully expected Killgrave to be scary.

But holy sh*t did the trailer make it seem like that scariness was going to be on FIFTY in the series.

Me during the trailer.

To explain, Killgrave/Purple man is severely f*cked and while I feared that Netflix would be cutting corners in portraying him, it seems that that fear was misplaced. Long story short, Killgrave has done everything including torture, mental torture, murder, rape, you name it. And he enlisted Jessica—formerly known as the hero Jewel—to help him do most of that.

And it looks as though the show has no plans to shy away from all of that.

3. Related: What did Killgrave make Jessica do exactly?

Screenshot 2015-10-25 12.50.14

As I mentioned earlier, Killgrave has made Jessica do some really low-down sh*t, but as always, I am curious as to how much the show might tweak that.

4. Related: How exactly is Killgrave’s new “protege” not as good as Jessica?

Screenshot 2015-10-25 12.54.26

In this trailer, Jessica interviews a woman who was recently victimized by Killgrave. The woman recalls having to jump for hours, JUST because Killgrave told her to. And then she creeps Jessica the hell out by saying that Killgrave believes that she is “not as good as Jessica”.

Which is concerning by itself.

At this point, I really want to know if how far this sick f*ck took the jumping thing and to what extent that Jessica was “good at what she did”.

Granted, I feel like the answers to all these questions aren’t going to be good ones, due to Killgrave’s involvement. But, this is Jessica Jones. This is Hell’s Kitchen. This is what happens. And these are the kind of people that Jessica (and the Defenders at-large) have to put down most of the time.

In short: These are not Lil’ Tommy’s Marvel heroes. Nah. They are quite literally too dark for that.

Yes. It’s about to get REAL.

5. Related: Is Killgrave coming for Jessica just for shiggles or something more?

Screenshot 2015-10-25 12.57.38

With all this talk of a protege and Jessica being “good” (and the best Killgrave ever had—not sorry. Had to go 2 for 2 on Drake references especially after the phenom that “Hotline Bling” has unfortunately morphed into), it makes me curious as to why Killgrave is coming for Jessica once again.

Is he doing it just to fuck with her once more? Is he doing it because he hasn’t been able to find another protegé that would be willing to go to the great lengths that she once went to? Is he doing it because he’s on his Big Bad™ grind and he has a bigger “plan” for her? What’s his deal? What’s his…play? (heyooooo)


6. Will we get to visit Jessica’s days of superhero-ing past?

Screenshot 2015-10-25 13.06.37

Jessica lifting a car.

Though Jessica’s days as the superhero Jewel were made painful by the sadist known as Killgrave, I’m hoping we get to visit happier times when she got to help people in that capacity. I’m pretty sure this could be done through sporadic flashbacks of sorts (you know, without overdoing the device).

7. Luke is featured heavily in the trailer. What will be his role exactly?

Screenshot 2015-10-25 12.48.13

First of all, let me say how hype I am about this. Luke remains one of my FAVORITE heroes and as I have been waiting for him to make some sort of live action appearance for well over a decade, I am incredibly stoked that he is in this series.

Revisiting his role, however, Alias tells me that he will primarily function as love interest/friend/confidant, which is cool. Still, I’m wondering if—at this point—Jessica will have knowledge of Luke’s own superhero-ing adventures or if Luke will be keeping that under wraps until the last possible second.


8. Related: Will they be portraying THAT scene between Luke and Jessica?

Screenshot 2015-10-25 13.02.48

You know what I’m talking about.

Fans of both Jessica and Luke will recall that way back when in the Alias series, writer/artist duo Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos detailed an incredibly rough, consensual sex scene that went down between Jessica and Luke.

The scene was highly controversial at the time (and still is, quite frankly, because everyone knows that Americans are really weird about sex) due to its sexual nature (anal sex was heavily implied) and the fact that this sexual encounter was interracial.

In fact, Jay Potts (of World of Hurt web comics) recalled finding out that American Color Graphics of Alabama refused to print the issue because of their reservations about its “offensive content”. The issue would later be printed by Quebecor Printing (in Canada, to be exact).

All that canonical history aside, I am sincerely interested in how this scene is going to be brought to the small screen and I am sincerely hoping that it is handled well…as it could serve as an opportunity to explore agency as it manifests in sexuality. Granted, it was previewed at NYCC, so people have a rough (heyoooo) idea about how’s it going to go down already, but still.

9. Who is Jessica’s friend/ally in the trailer?

Screenshot 2015-10-25 12.51.02

A quick Google Search (which I shan’t link because of SUPER spoilers) suggests this woman to be Trish, a wealthy old friend of Jessica’s who was formerly a child star and model.

An even DEEPER Google search reveals her to be Patsy “Trish” Walker…which most Marvel fans know as Hellcat. I’m not sure how far the show plans to delve into that Hellcat background or how exactly they’re gonna utilize her for the show, but considering her rich background, I don’t expect her role to be less than great.

10. Will we get to see Claire at all?


While all signs point to Claire being more involved in Luke Cage’s upcoming series (Luke and Claire are exes after all), I’m curious as to if we will see her at all in this series too. In fact, a couple of months back, various outlets theorized that Claire might be taking a Nick Fury/Phase 1-esque roll to all these Netflix shows, which means she would be floating between all of them in order to connect them. I’m not sure how likely that is, but I do think it would be a great way to connect all of the Defenders.

11. Related: We have half of the team so far. Will Matt (Daredevil) and Danny (Iron Fist) make appearances?


I am quite frankly overexcited at the prospect of seeing both Jessica and Luke in action together. I would hate to say my face when Jessica, Luke, Matt, AND Danny finally team up.


In all seriousness, however, now that we’ve assembled two of the Defenders in this series, I am wondering whether or not Matt and Danny will make any cameo appearances, be it for narrative purposes or even straight up fan service. Either would be fine with me.

Still, I don’t know how likely that is with Danny. Matt’s has already made his wonderful debut (so he wouldn’t be a problem), but Danny has yet to be even cast (although I have some of my own ideas about that).

12. God bless this Netflix/Marvel union.

Screenshot 2015-10-25 13.08.43

Without getting too emotional about the greatness that is going to be coming out of this partnership for the next couple of years, I would sincerely like to salute Feige, Netflix, and whoever else was central in signing off on this Marvel-Netflix deal.

You da best.

To be quite honest, I was a little bummed that this particular group of heroes wouldn’t be getting movies initially (Daredevil and Luke Cage especially), but considering the freedom and the wiggle room that TV (Netflix’s format of TV especially) grants these wonderful writers to explore these rich and fascinating stories, I am very glad that they decided to go this route and I am looking forward to what they decide to do next.

What say you, Moviepiloteers? What are your thoughts on the new Jessica Jones trailer? What do you think might happen this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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