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T.V. Review: Gravity Falls Finale

This is more of a reaction post rather than an actual review, because let’s face it if I were to to do a full-blown review it would take forever. So very mild spoilers ahead.


So as you may or may not know, one of the better cartoon TV-shows of the 2010s – I won’t even say it’s a “children’s” show, because I am an adult and I enjoyed it *sips wine* – has finally ended.

And holy crap, Batman, it went through so much to get to that point.

Namely, that hella shady time slot shake up. Prior to even reaching the series finale, which was appropriately called Weirdmageddon: Parts 1 & 2 with part 2 given a rightly deserved hour, Gravity Falls had struggled to get a hold of a solid weekly timelot. It was so bad that viewers never knew when a new episode was airing or if Disney had done the unthinkable and given the show an untimely axe. Finally, word had been given that the series finale would be delivered months after part 1.

…Because it has done so plenty of other times…


When the crew is still salty.

Now, at first, I had considered it a death sentence but then I remembered this was it. Alex Hirsch had planned the series with a finite ending and there would be no unnecessary follow-up seasons that droned on and on.

Again…like some of the shows that Disney has been known to keep around.

But I watched it, with a drink in hand, and boy…was I surprised.

Parts 1 & 2 was such a great set up and it was a great job on Alex Hirsch’s part in creating character’s worth following/ caring about.


If parts 1 & 2 was about Bill and him imposing his weirdness on Gravity Falls and his attempt on spreading to the rest of the world, then part 2 was about the townspeople. So about 20 minutes in I think I’m done with the Bill Cypher arc and was on the edge of my seat wondering how was the show going to wrap up.

And I admittedly was not disappointed, which is a big deal for me because I am a hqdefaultself-proclaimed class 5 hater (registered and everything). The episode had everything it had a pretty big sacrifice courtesy of Gruncle Stan, literally the last dude in town who would/should be making sacrifices (have you seen that hour long special?). This was Gravity Falls version of “killing off” a main character. They way in which it was carried out it was very well-handled everything from how Stan and Stanford (their parents really needed to do better) tricked Bill following their initial attempt to stop him.

t the pivotal point in the battle against Bill, not even going to lie, I shed one gangster tear…and that tear proceeded to wreck my eyeliner and caused an almost stop-drop-and-roll maneuver once the burning started. But it was worth it.

The reaction that Mabel and Dipper had, legitimately had me fanning my tear ducts.


Which only barely got me ready for the hardship of watching the younger Pines twins at the bus stop.

Now I never got to go to summer camp or anything like that over the summer because my parents didn’t believe in that but if Dipper’s closing monologue is the end result, then hot damn, have I missed out. See, that’s why I am having issues adulting, because I didn’t get to have an introspective reflection on a bus. It made me realize that the series had come full circle and yet, was coming to complete close. Dipper, who at the start of the series was socially awkward, lacking confidence, and not really having any friends (other than Mabel) gained all of those things and the some over the course of the series. Even the Bill Cypher wheel that has become ingrained in the minds of every Gravity Falls fan made in appearance.

Hell, even Mcgucket received his well-deserved com- up! He has been through assloads and he made the bomb ass Megas XLR/Pacific Rim type fighting robot. He totally deserves to kick his gross feet up in the former Northwest Mansion.

Plus,  returning minor characters!

Bonus Points: Rumble Mcskirmish


And the mf manotaur and multibear!


Me watching this episode



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