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Dammmnnn Lex: Back At It Again With This New Web Series

Greetings, lovers of the Zoo.

I know you are all wondering: where in the f*ck did I go?

Look, I’m sorry. Jesus.

There are a couple of explanations for that. Besides wading through my final year of college (fingers crossed), a myriad of health issues, and election coverage so sad and laughable that I was trying to figure out whether or not America was in its last season and the writers just decided to jump all the sharks and go all out, I’ve been working on a HUUUYUUUGE project.

What project is that?

Well, ya favorite zookeeper’s been out here in these skreets working on a new web series called Getting Schooled.


I know! Weird right? Well, not really. Since us zookeepers (AJ and I specifically) have plans that include global domination, a web series just seemed like the most logical first-ish step…besides this here website.

Anyhow, here’s a quick summary/synopsis/what have you:

‘Getting Schooled’ (otherwise known as ‘Getting Screwed’) chronicles the life, times, relationships, and misadventures of Nigerian college student Xandria Eduwa as she attempts to survive the academic juggernaut that is the eccentric University of Chicago, while also attempting to hide her burgeoning film major life and interests from her strict “Med School Is The Best School!” parents.

In her quest to forge her own path at her new school, she’ll meet a host of eclectic friends, lovers, and enemies, and experience a wide-range of situations that aren’t easily forgettable. Hopefully, she won’t get screwed in the process.

Now, the question is, will my girl Xandria survive the ordeal? See that’s a question I would answer, but I’m not gonna spoil anything and will instead tell you that the very first episode of this fresh, new web series will premiere online on April 4rd.

I’ll be making more posts here about it as more information comes out, so stay tuned.

And with that, I leave you with this freshly dropped trailer:

Are you excited for the premiere of Getting Schooled? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about all these pop culture and Black History posts I have yet to make. They’ll be up in due time when I’m not on the verge of death.

Images From: Giphy.com, Wiffle Gif, Maroon TV

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