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Lupita Nyong’o is in Talks to Star in ‘Black Panther’ because Bast the Panther God Loves Us

I will get to this news story soon enough, but first, my reaction in GIFS:




Now, that that’s over with, I am proud to say that while I was in the thick of searching through Tumblr for GIFS for my upcoming Captain America: Civil War review, I was informed that High Priestess Bae Lupita Nyong’o is currently in talks with Marvel to star opposite of Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther.




In all seriousness, Variety and THR both reported that she will be playing T’Challa’s love interest. And they, unfortunately, did not name who exactly that love interest would be.

Of course, since I am grossly in denial about the fact that FOX will continue to deny Storm her due props, part of me wants my brain to defy all logic and believe that Lupita is somehow playing the only mohawk Storm who should exist (all shade to Alexandra Shipp).

On the flip side, however, part of me understands that that is not at all possible (I blame Wolverine and his 6.5 movies tbh) and because of this I recognize that the only logical answer to who this love interest could be is the venerable Monica Lynne.

In her canonical, 616-backstory, Native Georgian Monica Lynne moved to New York where she became a jazz singer by night and a social worker by day. And because everyone (and their mama) is always floating around in New York, Monica somehow managed to bump into T’Challa/Black Panther (he was probably on vacation??? I don’t know) when he saved her from some racist, terrorist group known as the Sons of Serpent

Eventually, sparks fly. They start dating, T’Challa brings her home to Wakanda, they get engaged for the hottest of minutes before T’Challa called it off. As he usually does (Yes, I’m still salty about Storm).

Still, if Monica is indeed the character that Lupita will be playing, I doubt she will be the canonical jazz singer. Instead, I wager that they might update her character and make her some sort of political escort/liaison to T’Challa (in the same manner that Steve Trevor is to Wonder Woman).

That would be much more interesting to me, give her a bit more agency, and would probably tie in very nicely to why exactly we saw Everett Ross (as portrayed by Martin Freeman) in Captain America: Civil War, since he is a character who often appears in the Black Panther comics.

728993-shuri3That said, I kind of hope that Lupita is, in fact, Shuri and that Marvel is once again waiting until the very last second to rip the rug from under us with that news.

For those who don’t know, Shuri is T’Challa’s badass younger sister, as well as T’Chaka’s youngest child. She holds the distinction of being one of the few women assume the title of Black Panther and has been a G since she leaped out the womb. In fact, she took out her first villain in her tweens by serving up an “L” in the form of the goddamn Ebony Blade.

Like T’Challa, she is also extensively trained in all things martial arts and while she is active as Black Panther, she possesses all the agility, strength, endurance, speed, and enhanced senses that come with it. She even eventually becomes the Queen of Wakanda when T’Challa as to go ghost and kick Doctor Doom’s ass for infecting Wakanda with nanites in an attempt to gain access to the country’s vast supply of Vibranium.

See. I told you. Badass.

All that aside, I am just excited as FUCK to finally have Lupita in a superhero franchise. I have been waiting for this to happen and I do not doubt that it will be glorious…no matter who she is playing.



Source: THR, Variety

Images From: Giphy, Tumblr, Imgur, Elle, Marvel, ComicBookMovie, ComicBookVine

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