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Said Something Racist Lately? Have No Fear! The Racist Apology Guide Is Here

Greetings, fairest denizens of the Zoo.

While it’s been awhile since I last talked to each and every one of you, I am here to say that it has been a WILD couple of days for us over at the Zoo–and frankly for comic book fans at-large as well.

On top coming off of a Captain America: Civil War high (as reviewed here by fellow zookeeper Lex Luther), we’ve also been receiving a constant stream of casting news for the upcoming Black Panther film that has been threatening to make everyone burst into flames (or tears) out of pure joy.

Exhibit A

In fact, the hype for the upcoming Black Panther film is so real that #BlackPantherSoLIT ( a hashtag celebrating the upcoming release of Black Panther and created by the brilliant and comedic Twitter user known as #ChadwickAndChill ❤ ) was trending all of yesterday (and this morning) TWO YEARS EARLY.

Us zookeepers scrolling through this tag.

Still, because the universe has a penchant for bringing balance to such happenings, a series of video clips from Chelsea Handler’s current show on Netflix (I don’t even know what it’s called and I don’t care really) surfaced. And…they were pretty bad.

To explain, the latest clips show a handful of the Civil War cast having dinner with the Chelsea as they wack (yes, that use of wack over wax was purposeful) poetic about things I clearly do not care about. However, things get pretty bad when The Purge 2 star (looooool that is a joke in itself) Frank Grillo decides to belittle the struggle of Black people and women in Hollywood.

Oh, excuse me.

I meant “Black” people.

Damn Franky boy! Back at it again with the low key high key racism!

Grillo was eventually chastised by Twitter and Tumblr users who either identified with the groups he maligned or just straight up thought that what he said was fucked up (because it was. And racist). After lashing out and blocking anyone who didn’t agree with his racist act, he returned an hour later with a sub-par apology. Of course, many [other racists] came to his defense, shaking their fists at “those damn SJWs”. Others weren’t as keen on letting Grillo’s racist transgressions go.

Twitter user Clarkisha Kent is one of those users.

After expressing disinterest in his non-apology, Kent went on to tweet “The Racist Apology Guide”, which is a “guide” that humorously outlines the predictable patterns and words that racists rehash when they kind of have to apologize, but really don’t want to.

Peep the petty below:

Jesus. Someone go check Grillo for burn marks (heeeyooooo)

That fantastic read aside, I am just so tickled. Grillo went from a nobody to a racist. Congratulations, Franky boy! You played yourself.

That said, one of the few good things to come out of this whole ordeal is the fact that Chris Evans apparently learned from the last “slutty” Marvel press tour (what is it with these woefully problematic press tours?) and the fact that Sebastian Stan is not as problematic as us zookeepers thought.

We’ll keep them. As for Franky boy? Well, he can go film The Purge 10 or something.


This just in, noted “non-racist” Frank Grillo has deactivated his Twitter as of three hours ago.


Many a Twitter user voiced their amusement on the matter and Clarkisha Kent was sure to chime back in on the matter before adding an addendum to #TheRacistApologyGuide:


What a time to be alive, y’all. What a time to be alive.


Image From: Giphy, HitFlix, Twitter, Tumblr, WiffleGif

16 thoughts on “Said Something Racist Lately? Have No Fear! The Racist Apology Guide Is Here

  1. Okay, this happens so da** often, how can I be in the wrong in assuming some random white guy isn’t going to turn into a racist a**hat? Or right! Because that would make me prejudiced and I’m all about trying to be a “decent” human being!

    Well, Frank’s never gonna be a star now. That dragging will live on in perpetuity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Except that now The Purge: Election Year starring him has made over $30 million. And he’s a top billed actor in that movie.


      • Are you Frank Grillo? Did you make a fake ass account? What this got to do with anything?

        FIRST OF ALL…Legend of Fucking Tarzan beat that movie. Second of all, I am sure that this movie did not gross 30 mil in it’s opening weekend because of of *Frank Grillo*. Hayden Christensen was top-billing in the Star Wars prequels and he still out here sucking. Kirsten Stewart was top billing in these dry ass Twilight movies and she is still out here sucking. Adam Sandler keeps getting top-billing in all his trash ass movies and he still sucks. Gerald Butler had top billing in Gods of Egypt and was is still out here…sucking.

        Top-billing don’t mean shit in 2016. “Star power” is a waning influencer when it comes to movies unless the actor is out here doing next level things like John Boyega, Idris Elba, etc. Stars who have followings. Stars who can put asses in seats. Stars who aren’t in box office bomb after box office bomb (*sideeyes Sam Worthington, Jai Courtney, and other “stars” that Hollywood keeps trying to push onto us*.

        No one is going to movies because of Frank Grillo and tbFUCKINGh, only reason people showed up is because they probably already saw Finding Dory and Legend of Tarzan was the only other thing here. No one was coming to Captain America: Civil War to see Frank Grillo. The Purge: Election Year got 30 mil BECAUSE it’s already a franchise and the current political climate in this country makes the latest installment relevant as hell. Like your logic is not only ass but that comment was highly irrelevant. Good job.

        It’s 6:00am in the morning and I’m just coming off Batman V Superman. It is too early for this bullshit. Bye.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Evans can pipe on down don’t think I’ve forgotten his there is no racism in Hollywood bullshit he was sprouting before. And yes there’s video of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Racist piece of trash. And I love how people are acting like Chris isn’t problematic when he previously said racism doesn’t exist in Hollywood. Why we’re they all laughing are black people a joke to them smfh.


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