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For Colored Girls Who Are Tired of Lena Dunham When Her Racism Is Enuf

I debated over what I would name this piece for a minute. Should I dedicate this to “colored girls” (Black women and Black feminists) since we’ve been battling “Lena Dunhams” since the beginning of time? Or should I dedicate this to the Black men Lena Dunham maligned, who, historically, have been killed because of the “Lena Dunhams” of the world? Or should I just dedicate this to the whole damn planet since Lena Dunham has assaulted all of our senses at least once?

Decisions, decisions.

The truth is: all of that applies. And I kind of hate that it does. I hate that she, as mediocre as she is, has been given this much power. Like, at this point, Lena is the like the Sakura to my Sasuke. Sans the romantic delusions of grandeur. She is that annoying mosquito bite in that weird spot on your ass that you can’t really reach so you just walk around…annoyed. I don’t care about her life or her existence.

And yet. Here we are.

Talking about this mediocre heaux.

I truly wish I could get my Mariah Carey on right now and say “I don’t know her” but that would be kinda disingenuous.

If only!

I know of the heaux, but I really don’t want to. Not many do. To be honest, I thought her 15 minutes of mediocrity would have expired by now and she’d fade into some distant corner of Tumblr where all they are worried about is freeing their goddamn nipples and painting their armpit hairs lime green pink and sasquatch orange.

But here she is. Showing her entitled, White Feminist™, racist, and predatory ass all over the internet once again. And unlucky for us (specifically me since I have to recount how many ways that she irks my soul), her latest offense was so annoying and so terrible that I now have to provide several reasons for why it was repugnant.

But before I do that…a recap:

So, Little Ms. Marshmellow (her actual words, not mine) recently made an appearance at the Met Gala (Met Ball). At this event, she was placed at a table with Hollywood’s rich and finest. Which included Odell Beckham Jr…and I promise that will be relevant soon. 

Anyhow, from what it sounds like, everyone at said table was minding their damn business but because Lena is apparently so self-absorbed and borderline narcissistic, she came up with a way to turn their silence into slights. And unfortunately for Beckham, a Black man, Lena aimed the brunt of her projections and imagined slights at him.

Now some people, those who are still naive about Lena, think her latest offense was a simple mistake. A joke gone awry, if you will. However, those of us who know better? Those of us who smelt the mediocre scent on her person from jump street? We know this is just another one of Lena Dunham’s repulsive and racist “antics” which she tries to excuse by calling herself “quirky” or even “edgy”.

Of course, that is all a crock of bullshit.

And using the Met Gala example, here are four reasons why:

1. She’s a special snowflake that feels entitled to everyone’s attention.


Lena claims that a bunch of rich folx—but especially Odell Beckham Jr.—ignored her at the Met Gala. And because specifically Beckham ignored her, he had to be a hyper-misogynist who was turning his nose up at her weight and deeming her unfuckable for that reason and that reason only.


That sounds fake, but…okay?



Her words are in fact the opposite of real.


I’m baffled by the Beckham part especially, but even if I take it back to the “surface” of what she said, everything she mentions about this table are imagined as malicious slights. And because she imaginedimagines them and attempts to project them on these unsuspecting people, she, in turn, makes an ass of herself, assuming the position of a presumptive and entitled asshole. She even goes on to say that this table of rich “athletes and supermodels” made her insecure, implying they are somehow “bad” for not noticing her, not fawning over her, and not throwing themselves at her.


Nobody at that table owed her a goddamn thing. Most of them probably didn’t know her and rightfully so. What has she done in her life but be painfully mediocre (Girls included)? And yet…she was so bothered to the point that she had to create imagined slights in her head. It’s bizarre and illogical.

Which is unsurprising considering that these are standard, White Feminist™ traits (re: I MUST BE THE CENTER OF ALL OF THE THINGS™), so overall, this is not shocking.

2. She feels especially entitled to Black [male] bodies.

This was one of the most interesting parts of her bizarre, self-serving, circle-jerk “interview” with Amy Schumer (another mediocre White feminist).

As I mentioned earlier, Lena zooms in on the Black guy—Odell Beckham Jr.—at this table of rich people. He is the only rich person she mentions by name and this is by no accident because after his name is dropped, she begins to whine about Beckham not openly lusting after her or leering at her to her face.

Weirdly enough, though, she makes it clear that she didn’t even say two words to this dude, but is somehow totally fine with assuming that he is a gross, misogynistic man-pig. All because he didn’t talk to her Miss Millie™ ass.






To be clear, Beckham said nothing. Nada. Seriously. All he did was look at his phone and apparently, according to Lena Dunham, he was dismissing her as “fuckable” because she is oh-so-fat and that must be disgusting to him.

Mind you, once again, Dunham said nothing to him. She imagined all of this. And had no problem repeating this. Out loud. That’s the kicker for me. She felt these thoughts were okay to share. Out in the open. And publish as well.

I don’t know what irritates me more. The fact that Lena Dunham is mad that Odell Beckham Jr. did not sexually objectify her (even though feminism opposes and seeks to eradicate that) or the fact that it shows that White women have this gross obsession with Black [male] bodies (read: the fetishization of Black bodies which we can, in fact, trace all the way back to American Slavery [since that’s where it stems from], but that is a conversation for another day).

I would ask how she [or any other White Feminist™] can think this way but seeing as she is a privileged White woman, that would be rhetorical.

Of course she thought he was thinking about her like that. Or rather, should be thinking about her like that. She is a White woman. The woman that society has declared the prototype. The woman who makes the rules. The woman who sets the [beauty] standard.

How dare Beckham, a robust young buck of a Black man, not lust over her? How dare he pay her no mind? What could be more interesting than her? What in his phone was more riveting, more beautiful, and more striking to look at than her, a pure, wholesome, White woman?

I am Lex’s Disgusted Puke™. I am currently all over their keyboard.

My honest answer to that is literally anything. Anything else at all. Odell could have been playing Candy Crush or watching new episodes of Steven Universe and it wouldn’t have (and shouldn’t have) been her goddamn business. But she made it her business and that’s because she felt entitled to his attention, sexuality, and desire. And when she didn’t get any of that, she resorted to the next best thing:

Blaming his imagined rejection of her on her “fatness”.

Which leads me to my next point:

3. She loves to misappropriate fat struggles.

I’ll be honest. I rolled my eyes all the way to the back of my head and then out again when Lena blamed the IMAGINED lack of attraction between her and Beckham on the fact that she is…wait for it…”fat”.

Is she serious? She can’t be serious? Right?

I find that assertion slightly humorous but mostly absurd.

Nobody hates Lena Dunham because she’s “fat”.

Lena is hated because she is a mediocre sack of nothingness who boasted about molesting a family member in a goddamn book. She is hated because she likened this gross assault to how a “sexual predator might [do to] woo a small suburban girl” (Mind you, she also outed this same family member to her parents. Against her will).

She is vile. Fatness has nothing to do with it.

And, while I’m on fatness, I could go into how she’s acceptably fat. Her and Demi Lovato too, matter of fact, since the latter is under some impression that she is uber fat and literally takes every opportunity to come out of her lane and mention that she is, in fact, fat and that we should all accept it.

I COULD. I really could. They’re average at best. But, you know, that doesn’t fit into their whole “perpetual victimhood shtick”…so…I guess.

4. Lena really thinks this is about her twisted and perverted “sense of humor”. But it’s not.

As usual with shitty and mediocre comedians, Lena’s first line of defense when the whole world called her out for this nonsense was to simply state that this offense was part of the sense of humor which has kept [her] alive for thirty years”.

Again. No apology. Just deflection. And she basically implies that we all can’t take a joke.


Where is the joke? I see no joke. And that’s mainly because you’re not fucking funny to begin with.

At all.

It’s cute that you think you’re funny. And by cute, I mean worrying. Find a new hobby.

But on an even more serious note, none of what she did was funny. The shit she pulled has gotten people killed before. This stunt she pulled? It’s right up the alley of a slave master’s wife.

It makes her dangerous, but also insecure…so I will give her that. She was right to say that her shitty “humor” stems from her insecurities. She is insecure. As hell. It is blatant and blisteringly apparent and I’m pretty sure that the aliens that are refusing to see come see us because of the 2016 election cycle can see her insecurities from space.

Unfortunately for her, however, Black men and other Black folx don’t have the time or the patience to suffer because of her goddamn insecurities.

Still confused? Here it is again in layman terms:

Black people have no time to pay the price for the insecurities of White women.

No. Nope. Can’t do it. We’re over it. Enough is enough.

Away with you, foul White feminist™.

So, here’s my advice for Lena (and by extension, her equally shitty friend Amy Schumer). Instead of making up imaginary scenarios where [Black] men are supposed to open lust after you because you are so incredibly amazing by mere virtue of being a White woman just so you can turn around and call them misogynists because they openly lusted after you, MAYBE…just maybe… you should focus on finding some semblance of, what should we call it, talent?

Yes, talent.

Because, here’s the thing: your quirky, “fat” shtick is played out, boo.

You are played out.

And the entire planet has had enough of it.


Images From:

Salon, Tumblr, GifSec.com, Fastcompany.net, Tenor.co, Giphy.com, AP

32 thoughts on “For Colored Girls Who Are Tired of Lena Dunham When Her Racism Is Enuf

  1. To add to point 2, in the longer version (I think Slate has it), she talks about how she and Schumer didn’t even want to be there, but she left after “attempting to grind her ass on Michael B. Jordan.” Like… Did he ask you? It doesn’t read as “attempting” because she can’t dance but more like he wasn’t having it. She wonders why OBJ wasn’t paying her any attention anyway? #girlbye

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “I don’t care about her life or her existence.” Daaammmnnn! 😂😂😂 Dunham’s had a bad week with Black folks. She admitted her vilification was based solely on her own body image issues. But both her and the media are always going on about how much she’s a feminist who loves her body. If that’s true, why so insecure? 😔

    When I read the interview it was obvious to me that SHE never approached him or introduced herself. It was like she just assumed he knew who she was, and because he didn’t approach her and ‘make nice’ she felt it was because of her appearance. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe he didn’t even want to be there. Never forget Dunham’s tweet: “I dreamed I molested an African American rodent.” Michael B. Jordan can be friends with her all he wants. SMH

    Sidenote: I HATE Sakura, and secretly so does Sasuke.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Lmfaoooooo. My friend, she’s been on my shitlist from day one but she really went too far this time. Like, how much of an asshole do you have to be to imagine these slights and THEN vocalize them? It’s bewildering!

      And pffft, I really think Michael B Jordan was trying to get away from her but that’s none of my business LOL

      And I hate Sakura too. Sasuke is still trash but Sakura tapped danced on my nerves from day one.

      Liked by 1 person

      • MBJ was being nice. He’s gotta work in that town.

        Like, WHY would you Tweet: “I dreamed I molested an African American rodent.” Like, what?! 😡 She described a RODENT as an African-American! The audacity! These are the types who are the first to say: “I’m not a racist! I’m friends with Donald Glover AND Michael B. Jordan!” GTFOH!!

        I have never liked Sakura, and Sasuke’s a treacherous asshole, so they can both go to hell. I rock with Hinata all day. At least she was helpful and worth a damn.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent drag! Better than Lena actually deserves.
    Anybody else see the parallel between her antics and the kind of men who think they are entitled to a woman’s time and attention when they’re in a public space? Am I the only one reminded of the article about trying to talk to women wearing headphones? Many of the same arguments made against that article are being made against Dunham.

    I just find that interesting.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The story of Lena’s sorry not sorry post made it even to Germany. That’s how it came to my attention. And yes, I had the same thoughts about her appearent narcisstict feeling that she is entitled to other people’s attention.

    What I always found particulary irritating was, that she never spoke to Odell, but happily projected her own insecurities. What spoke against just saying: “Hi, I am Lena.” and maybe some smalltalk would have unfolded. Or not. As Odell is not required to pay her attention beyond a polite: Hi, I am Odell. But as she didn’t even do that, but prefered to delve into her self esteem issues and projection, no one can’t blame Odell.

    Okay, if you are oldfashioned you can say, that the ma always introduce himself to the woman. But then you can argue that in modern times, where men and women should be equal, nothing speaks against that a woman introduces herself first. But she prefered to brood in her own self pity, because she felt like trash among all these beautiful people…. Bohoo, no one pays her any attention. Why should they, when she does not say a single word?!

    But still, he is not required to have any interest in Lena. And I find it shocking how she seemed to have thought that she would get any applause or support for this display of narcisstic rage. And yeah, I know us Germans are not known for our amazing sense of humor, but I still say: Nope, I can’t see any sort of humor in her whinging, but just a hurt ego.

    I have to admit I had to google who Odell Beckham Jr. is. I am a sports noob and American Football is simply not very popular in Germany, but when I learned that he is African-American, it became for me really unpleasant, because now we have the expectation of a white woman that the black guy has to pay her attention, otherwise he is sort of a misogynist.

    And what if the case would have been that Odell was attracted to her?! Maybe then she would have cried all over the internet how objectified and sexualised she felt by this guy. And even worse that she felt he might be some sort of predator or shit like that. I can’t rule out that Lena is this kind of person who projects her own issues onto people, who she knows nothing about, only to make herself look like a victim.

    In my humble opinion Odell was in a situation where he couldn’t do anything “right”. He paid her no attention, he was a misogynist. If he would have paid her any attention or shown any sexual interest in her, most likely he would have been a misogynist too, for daring to objectify her. So he does the smartest thing you can do, ignoring her and her still whiny sorry-not-sorry attempt.

    Liked by 2 people

    • That was such a beautiful recap and drag of the narcissistic Lena Dunham.

      What’s ironic though, is that there are still Americans who–mind you–have lived here their e n t i r e lives who allegedly still don’t “get” the very points you made.

      It’s interesting. To say the very least.

      And yes, I agree. There was no way for Beckham to “win” here.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s just my personal opinion as an outsider. But I kind of got the impression that a bunch of the United States live in the blissful lie that racism and segregation magically ended with the successes of the Civil Rights Movement, Or Dr. King’s “I have a Dream”-speech.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Facts. I love everything about this article and I’m happy that someone can explain this to other people. We are not supposed to be pawns for women who don’t actually care about our struggle. Black women and black men aren’t toys. We are human beings. 👏🏾

    Liked by 2 people

  6. And this is the poster child for sexual assault? This is the girl who gets the mic at the DNC? We still think the democratic (nevermind republican) party is trying anymore?
    Forget the scores of academics who publish documented exploitation of women overseas/otherwise. What we need for this convention is…..is…..say… who’s that girl who put rocks in her sisters vah jay jay? Lets get her to babble for a bit. Perfectly captures what we’re trying to achieve here. Her struggle embodies that of the nation.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lena Dunham comments on Kanye West video ‘Famous’:

    “…I don’t have a hip cool reaction, because seeing a woman I love like Taylor Swift (fuck that one hurt to look at, I couldn’t look), a woman I admire like Rihanna or Anna, reduced to a pair of waxy breasts made by some special effects guy in the Valley,

    it makes me feel sad and unsafe and worried for the teenage girls who watch this and may not understand that grainy roving camera as the stuff of snuff films.

    I hesitated a lot about saying anything cuz I figured the thinkpieces would come pouring in. But I didn’t see this angle being explored as much as I had hoped. It’s weird to feel like you’re watching alone. I bet I’m not.”

    She feels “sad and unsafe”…and she didn’t see the “angle being explored” because she habitually projects the very White Feminist tropes Lex Luther breaks down. The pathological sanctity of white womanhood and the dangerous consequences these misperceptions have on Black men.

    Kanye for his part doesn’t help. That Kanye has internalized and perpetuated these pathologies in his casting call [organized by uber fetisher of black bodies Vanessa Beecroft for multiracial models is super sad and ironic. See more on that mess here: https://boxden.com/showthread.php?t=2260212

    Liked by 3 people

    • I didn’t peep her comments on the “Famous” video! But in that case, these comments make her antics toward Odell either hypocritical or ironic or both.

      As for Kanye, wooooo. I peeped that casting call. Yikes! Did you see his defense saying that he actually wanted “all types of Black” models and didn’t intend on excluding them? Yeah. Okay, Kanye. *eye roll*

      Anyhow, thanks for sharing.


  8. Here is a small follow up on the Odell Beckham Jr., Lena Dunham stuff. And I think Odell made a very wise decision.


    Personally I am really -to use a very German term- “Fremdschämen” (being ashamed on someone else’s -in this case Lena Dunham’s- behalf).

    And I can’t shake off the thought about the Duluth Lynchings. That may be a bit extreme, but I really, really find Lena’s projecting and contradicting behaviour towards black men very irritating.

    So yeah, better stay far, far away from people like her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh it’s not extreme. Tbh, I immediately though of Emmett Till after hearing Lena Dunham project her racist, insecure thoughts on Odell Beckham Jr.

      Black people have been killed over “Lena Dunhams” and their fee fees forever. She can go to hell.



    Thank you !!

    *disclaimer* this is completely sincere and not at all sarcastic, just in case someone reads that in a bad mood, when it’s raining, or hangry.


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