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Move on Up: We Now Have a Podcast!

Greetings, lovers of the Zoo.

After three long years of talking major cash on the internet (aka blogging in a way that only we can), we’ve finally moved on to Phase 2 in our plan for world domination:

….Starting a podcast.

Yeah boiiiiii



You may be wondering why hell we decided to start a podcast now. To be fair, it’s always been on our super secret docket to start a podcast. However, there is a very good reason diving on in:

It’s time…to join the cool kids’ table.

And by cool kids table, I mean we’ve finally got the means to join some of our favorite podcasters on the internet (i.e No, Totally!, The Lemonade, Nerds of Prey). There’s that and we’re big believers in being as visible on as many platforms and mediums as possible (and versatile as well).

Especially as creators of color. Specifically Black creators.

Anyhow, as this podcast is a literal spinoff of our beloved blog, we thought it’d be fitting to go ahead and call it We Robbed A Zoo…because we’re obviously too broke to buy one like Matt Damon and them.


And since we’ve been working on this for a minute, we’re excited and honored to present to you the first episode We Robbed A Zoo:

Episode 1: The Pilot 

In this episode, we talk about everything including Logan, Get Out, Thor: RagnarokSamurai Jack, Irish Fist, and problematic fave Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Let us know what you think about the episode below!



Images From: Tumblr, Reaction Gifs, Giphy

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