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We Robbed A Zoo, Episode 4: “Ghost In The L” – A Box Office Bomb

Episode 4: “Ghost In The L” – A Box Office Bomb

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5 thoughts on “We Robbed A Zoo, Episode 4: “Ghost In The L” – A Box Office Bomb

  1. Excellent podcast. Why am I just hearing about this?! 😠 I’m angry at MYSELF!

    LMAO at the Horse Whisperer. Yes, the horse fell on Scarlett. As we discussed on Twitter, Johansson is not a good actress. Maybe she’s a nice person, but she’s not a good actress. I have seen ALL of her movies, and I don’t but her as an “action star” because it’s extremely clear that her fight sequences are 95% stunt performer.

    I do feel if Jordan Peele directs Akira he will make great efforts to remain true to the source material. I’ve had it with the whitewashing, and I know we won’t get that with Peele behind the camera.

    Regarding whitewashing, what will it take for Hollywood to see that this is unacceptable. Have these producers and directors learned absolutely NOTHING from backlash of Prince of Persia, Gods of Egypt, Dr. Strange, and Death Note? I’m really hope Ghost in the Shell is the wake-up call.

    The only human I like on Attack on Titan is Levi. Levi plays no games. I know Mikasa’s a G, but I can’t support her because she’s in love with Erin. Honestly, I want all the humans on Attack on Titan to die. Armin, Erin, all of them except Levi! I’m rollin’ with the Titans. 😁

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